After the Holidays…Snow and a Taste of Amish

The holidays have come and gone. As I was driving downtown today, I noticed a retailer taking down decorations outside her shop. My lights are still hanging outside my house, but my tree is beginning to dry out as I wonder when I will succumb to finally taking her down and disposing of her. All the hoopla that goes along with the holidays is over. That means no more Nat King Cole Christmas tunes or Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” playing on the radio. Technically the holidays still haven’t all but disappeared, after all there’s still New Years Day right? But many of us have a hard time saying good-bye to Old Father Christmas. I enjoyed baking 14 dozen Christmas cookies and handing them out to the neighborhood kids who still asked if they were homemade. I would happily reply… “ But of course!”


Okay so Santa has hung up his jacket and parked his sleigh until next year-now what? Think SNOW!  That’s right…this is the perfect time to visit the magical mountains of Blue Ridge Georgia! The last time I checked, snow is heading this way tomorrow night. And let’s face it, there’s nothing more beautiful than watching snow fall just outside your cabin window with a cozy fire blazing all cuddled up on a cold winters night. And chances are if you’re reading this little blog, you’ve already reserved your cabin at Sundance Cabin Rentals. Now here’s the thing: around these parts you just might see snow between now and April. And yes, it has been known to snow in April Folks. I have seen it first hand with my own eyes. So, if you haven’t booked your get-a-away at Sundance Cabin Rentals just yet, not to worry. If you are aching to see snow you just might get your wish!


Now…what can you do on a cold winter’s day here in picturesque Blue Ridge, Georgia? Why not take a trip to taste some wonderful Amish cheese and meats without having to drive too far from your cabins front door? Today I decided to venture into town to do just that! Today was the first time for me visiting a Taste of  Amish, a cute shop located at Classic Crossing Plaza on First Street( Down by Fannin County High School).  For those of you who know me, don’t be too hard on me. I really don’t live under a rock- there’s a first time for everything isn’t there? Ever hear of the saying, “Better late than never”?

So I parked my car in front of the store and would you believe the door to the shop automatically opened for me?  Boy was I impressed! Even more impressive was that the automatic door opener was a young butcher by the name of Robert Hefner. Was my age that obvious or was it normal routine for this quaint establishment? No matter….I was impressed before both feet scurried in the front door. Robert took his time answering the many questions I had. Yes…the meat is all natural from an Amish town in Ohio and the cheese is award winning blue ribbon Troyer cheese. I can attest to that because I got to taste some of their cheese. Wow! Did I mention I had two samples?  I kept wondering whyI hadn’t been here before today. Meet Taste of Amish’s butcher: Robert Hefner

2012-12-28 15.29.39


I asked if I could meet the owner and in less than a couple minutes Peggy Rush Waltzed in with a smile on her face happy to greet me. Did I mention what a beautiful shop she has? Peggy greeted me with a friendly smile and gave me a warm welcome. Only in a small town I say! I asked if I could poke around the place for a bit and she happily agreed! Meet Peggy Rush!

2012-12-28 15.28.45


( Me and Peggy Rush: Taste of Amish)I did not have the pleasure of meeting her business partner & husband Bill Rush.


2012-12-28 15.27.41



(Peggy showing me some of her jarred pickles)







Everyone in the shop greeted me with a smile and Ashley the cashier answered one of my questions about gluten-free products which they do offer at their shop. Meet Ashley…a friendly cashier who also seemed happy to be working at a Taste of Amish.

2012-12-28 15.47.36












I walked around the store and listened to other shoppers as they oooed and ahhhed at what they saw and tasted…one of them being myself of course. With so many organic and natural products this raw foodie was in heavens paradise! I sampled and tasted everything I could without seeming too impolite. Heck…I bet even the doggie treats would have tasted good!  A Taste of Amish offers a conglomerate of jellies as well as jars of varying pickles. And there’s more! There’s cobbler mixes and a section for good old fashioned popcorn, the Troyer purple kernel popcorn is high in anti-oxidants! I had to check out the entire store and believe me there’s lots of it …three rooms to be exact! If you want some new recipes they have an entire section of cook books for the food adventurer in you! Their spices are located in cute little wooden cabinets with glass doors and white knobs. There’s even a sandwich Shoppe for your convenience. Oh, and did I mention the candy? Even this raw foodie should be allowed to indulge from time to time, and yes…I did sample some of the bulk candy! Yummmm …what else can I say?  I almost forgot to mention the Amish soaps and lotions….I must try them!


2012-12-28 15.43.44


2012-12-28 15.44.05

2012-12-28 15.44.38



2012-12-28 15.43.10


2012-12-28 15.48.10

2012-12-28 15.42.30

2012-12-28 15.49.03


What can I say…this shop has everything-they didn’t leave anything out! Friendly faces and quality products…now that’s what I’m talking about! If you need something to do while you’re visiting our cute mountain town on a cold blustery day ( or any day for that matter), you shouldn’t leave until you visit a Taste of  Amish! You will love this place the moment the door opens. And if you get lucky like me you might even have an automatic door opener that day!


*For contact info visit a Taste of Amish at:

Don’t forget to reserve your cabin at Sundance Cabin Rentals. Give Tom Stone a call for availability at 706.258.3286


Gotta Run!

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