Local Merchant Spotlight: Andrea Boykin – Unique Events

Disclaimer: Audio difficulties derailed our attempts to publish another podcast. In lieu of that we’ve provided the transcript below of our interview. We are pleased to present to you another installment in our Local Merchant Spotlight series where we are showcasing business leaders in and around the Blue Ridge/Fannin County, Georgia area.

This week we present to you our interview with Andrea Boykin of Unique Events.

We hope you enjoy!

Andrea Boykin - owner of Unique EventsSundance Cabin Rentals: Tell us who you are and what you do?

Andrea Boykin – Unique Events: My name is Andrea Boykin and I am the owner of Unique Events. We’ve had the privilege of helping couples plan and coordinate destination weddings here in the north Georgia mountains for the last 10 years and overall have close to 30 yrs experience in the event planning business.

Sundance Cabin Rentals: For those who may not be familiar with what an event planning business like your’s does, what is it that you are able to do for couples looking to get married in this area?

Andrea Boykin – Unique Events: That’s a great question. Very simply we act as that one ‘go to’ solution for wedding related needs such as the following:

  • hair & makeup
  • officiant
  • cake
  • catering
  • photography
  • flowers
  • locating a venue
  • and any other needs

We literally can do it all as we are privileged to be networked with some of the finest vendors in the area. As most of our clientele are not from this area, it is important that they have someone who is and is making sure that everything we have agreed we will do for them takes place.

Sundance Cabin Rentals:  So often we witness firsthand or hear/see through the media, weddings that are what many would consider grandiose with a large budget. After speaking with you earlier, we understand you have developed a specialty in your business for planning weddings that are smaller and more intimate; ones that do not come with a large budget per se’ yet are professionally done and to the specifications of the bride and groom. Can you tell us a little more about why many are now seriously considering having a smaller wedding than maybe they originally planned?

AConsider having your next wedding at a cabin managed by Sundance Cabin Rentalsndrea Boykin – Unique Events: For one, many couples in this day and age simply do not want to start out their marriage with huge sums of debt due in large part to their wedding. They’re opting for something that is more in line with their budget yet all the while is right in line with the style of wedding they are wanting. Along with the issues of a large budget is that often times the larger weddings seem to take on a life of their own and with that comes much stress. With that said we encourage couple to think about utilizing a beautiful north Georgia cabin as a venue in which to hold their wedding. It’s very reasonably priced and can easily accommodate a smaller wedding party. We’ve been planning such weddings ever since we first started here. In fact, an in-cabin wedding might have been one of the first we ever were contracted to do.

Sundance Cabin Rentals: There may be some reading this and thinking to themselves – ‘I like that idea for my wedding or possibly for a friend or family member’ and wondering what the process is like in order to make an in-cabin wedding or vow renewal ceremony actually take place.

Andrea – Unique Events: That’s another great question. Here’s one real world example. About a month ago we had a couple contact us about wanting to get married…albeit two weeks from the time they called. Normally we like a little more time but hey, we like a challenge!

One of the requests was to have a wedding in a cabin that was situated right on an actual river where there was some good trout fishing. So our next step was to put them in touch with Sundance Cabin Rentals, one of our preferred venue vendors.

SundAffordable destination weddings and vow renewal ceremonies in the north Georgia mountainsance was able to locate the ideal cabin per their request and get them set up for the weekend they wanted. Step 1 and maybe the most important was now complete. While they were working on booking a cabin we went to work on putting all of the other pieces together to make their wedding day experience just as they had envisioned – arranging for an officiant to come out on site and to perform the ceremony, ordering and delivering a small floral arrangement and setting up a professional photographer to come and take pictures.

Maybe the best part of it all was that the groom was able to catch some trout earlier in the day and then prepared a nice, home-cooked trout dinner for his new bride.

Sundance Cabin Rentals: Thank you for taking time to chat with us today Andrea.We greatly appreciate it. Before we wrap things up how can people learn more about you and your business?

Andrea Boykin – Unique Events: It’s been my pleasure and am very appreciative of the opportunity to share with your audience how we work hand in hand with other local vendors such as Sundance Cabin Rentals to help couples see their wedding day dreams become a reality. Our phone number is 706.851.9106 and our email is andrea@uniqueevents.org. We also would encourage people to visit our website at http://uniqueevents.org where you can see pictures of in cabin weddings and others one we have helped coordinate here in the Georgia mountains.

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