Are Monkeys Allowed In Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals?

staying in a pet friendly cabin rentalYou said pet friendly, and the monkey is my pet! That is what the guest told us, the housekeeper went into the mountain cabin rental to clean the cabin and there was a monkey in the cabin.

The housekeeper screamed, the monkey screamed. They both ran in opposite directions, very traumatized.  The guest had misunderstood their checkout time which is why we discovered the monkey.

pet friendly vacation rentals

Your pets need a vacation too

When we said pet friendly, we meant people could bring their dogs and cats, not their monkeys, snakes, horses, falcons or other exotic creatures.  I joke with people when they ask if a cabin is pet friendly, but we really would like to know what you are bringing with you.

Bring your pets on vacation

Bring your pets on vacation

If you are considering bringing a pet with you on vacation to Blue Ridge, please do!  But do us a favor, select a pet friendly cabin for your vacation stay.  We occasionally have guests with specific allergies to cats and dogs, and cannot stay in a property there there has been a recent cat or dog.  If a property is not pet friendly, there may be a specific reason such as owner allergies, or they are afraid of a wet dog jumping on the furniture.  Please respect the owner’s wishes regarding pets.

If you bring your pet with you:

  1. Please stay in a pet friendly cabin only.
  2. Crate your pet if you leave them unattended in the cabin.  Sometimes pets freak out in strange places when left alone and can tear things up.  (The monkey would probably have been okay if it was in its crate).
  3. Please clean up after them, inside the cabin and outside too.
  4. Don’t leave your pets unattended out on the porches.  The wood of the cabins is a soft wood and I have seen instances where a scratching dog has ruined a door or the wood siding beside a door.

We have several Pet Friendly Cabin Rentals for you to choose from at Sundance Cabin Rentals.  If you need assistance in finding a Pet Friendly Cabin for your vacation stay in Blue Ridge, please give us a call at 706-258-3286.  We will be happy to assist you!

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2 Responses to Are Monkeys Allowed In Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals?

  1. Amy Munoz says:

    Could you tell me what the pet fee on cabins is when it doesnt state “no pet fee”. We have 2 dogs. also is there a weight requirement? I hope not… We have a 14 pound and a 50 pound. Both well behaved. Thanks

    • Tom Stone says:

      The cabins that say “no pet fee” mean that we do not charge you a fee for bringing your pets with you.