Blue Ridge is like a wagon wheel

wagonwheelImagine a wagon wheel, with Blue Ridge, GA as the center hub.  Like the spokes of the wheel, adventure awaits you in every direction!  You don’t have to limit your adventures to just Georgia, Tenessee and North Carolina are just a few miles away.

Heading to Dry Falls in North Carolina

This past weekend, I took a drive up near Franklin, NC to attend a photography workshop.  It was less than 1 1/2 hour drive to Franklin, and I enjoyed the scenery on the way  there.  As the road crossed over the mountain range, there were scenic overlooks where you could stop, but today I was on a mission, to take pictures of Dry Falls.

IMG_5097Dry Falls is located between Franklin and Highlands, NC on US 64.  There is a parking lot with a primative restroom at the falls, and a paved walkway down to the waterfall.  If you look closely at the pictures, you will see people walking under the waterfalls!  There are plenty of other waterfalls along this road for you to stop and enjoy on your adventure too.

IMG_5019-2I spent several hours at Dry Falls trying to take pictures from every angle, or at least that is what I thought.  I saw a picture last night, where someone actually climbed down into the gorge to take a picture!  He was lucky he didn’t end up riding in an ambulance, please don’t try that.  I wouldn’t suggest that you climb over the railing and try to reach the waterfall, the rocks are very slippery.


Make Blue Ridge, GA you adventure outpost!

So getting back to our wagon wheel, there is adventure for you to discover in Blue Ridge itself, but also in every direction too!  Many vacation locations limit your adventures because you can only go in and out in one direction so many other areas are not convenient for you to discover.  Not so with Blue Ridge, there is plenty to do close to your Georgia Vacation Rental, but you can venture out too if you desire!  You won’t run out of things to do, hey I just discovered last week that there are at least 5 more waterfalls in Fannin County that I haven’t seen!

Come stay with us at Sundance Cabin Rentals, and come make your own discoveries in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia.  See you soon!

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