Choosing a Tourist Forum family trip

In Tourist Forum, our travel agency, you will find all kinds of proposals for your next holidays, whether beach, mountain, adventure, at your own pace, getaways, great routes, … and family!

Yes, that’s right: we have a wide selection of trips specially designed for families, especially for those who travel with small children. These trips have many advantages, because they are designed to adapt perfectly to the needs of a family on holiday.

You may not think this type of trip fits your family, but if you keep reading you’ll change your mind. In today’s post we tell you the 5 advantages of booking one of our experiences specially designed for families.

Why choose a Tourist Forum family trip?

When you travel with children you want everything to go well and that there is no inconvenience. We all know that traveling as a family can sometimes put our patience to the test, but if you choose the right trip you have a good chance that everything will go smoothly: without any setbacks!

Our family trips have advantages that make them the best, and be careful, because after discovering them all, you may want to try them.

We have a lot of experience

Tourist Forum is a travel agency that is already in its infancy. We don’t have gray hair and wrinkles: what we do have is a lot of experience. That’s why we select the most suitable services and create an ideal trip for families.

We collaborate with more than 500 airlines, car rental companies, train, bus, cruise and ferry companies, more than 10,000 hotels and hundreds of private owners of houses and apartments.

Thousands of customers have already trusted us to enjoy their holidays, and most repeat year after year. Why is that?

We only offer the best destinations

The world is full of spectacular sites, but not all are suitable for visiting with children. That’s why we only offer the best destinations for family travel. These places encourage a lot of family tourism, and offer hundreds of family leisure activities.

Holland, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Austria and Denmark are some of our most popular destinations. In addition, on every trip we recommend things you can do and family activities that you can carry out during your visit.

Apartments specially designed for families

On most of our family trips, the accommodation we offer is apartments. Without a doubt, this is the most outstanding way to spend your family holidays.

Not only because you do not depend on any schedule, but also because you have full freedom to enter and leave the house whenever you want, to dance to the music at full volume or take a quiet nap in the middle of the afternoon.

It is also highly recommended because you can prepare food in the apartment and take it with you afterwards: ideal for baby food as well as for people with allergies and intolerances. In addition, eating in the apartment makes the trip cheaper.

Rent a car included

Most of our family trips also include a rental car, so that you can move around at your own pace and visit the places that interest you most (and which are not usually reached by bus).

In addition, this allows you to always carry things that are usually necessary: baby diapers, a little food, swimsuits and towels, a toy, a warm garment …

Extras that will delight young and old

What really makes our family trips special are, without a doubt, the extras included.

Depending on where you visit, your trip will include tickets to the fun Legoland amusement park (in the case of Germany with children), to the impressive Gardaland aquarium (in the case of Veneto with children), and even the fantastic Salzburgerland card, which allows free access to more than 190 points of interest (in the case of Austria with children).

And these are just a few of them: each trip specifies which extras are included, and they are all different.

And we can not forget to make an organized trip to Paris and Disneyland, a few days for the youngest of the house seeing their favorite characters, and the rest to enjoy a visit to a big city.

In short: our family trips are the best option for you to enjoy an unforgettable summer vacation, in which young and old will have a good time.

Travelling is an experience that makes you grow and mature, and travelling with your children is one of the best gifts you can give them.