Christmas in the Mountains

430952_4752421335695_1467608135_nChristmas is my favorite time of year. When December rolls in I’m Martha Stewart and Betty Crocker all wrapped up in one. The decorations are out, ready to light up every room in my house like sweet frosting on a chocolate cake. This year was no different from the Christmas’s gone by except for the fact that we moved into a new house. Now-we all know the stresses of moving…add the holidays and you’ve got double the work. And if you’re anything like me, everything needs to be in order and Christmas simply cannot wait. So…needless to say the first day we moved in was also the day we took a trip to purchase our yearly Frazier Fir. My 14 year old son and I were already past exhaustion, but we had to beat the deadline and get that tree up…or at least sitting in the stand. My son’s birthday was the next day and as tradition would have it- the tree was always up before his birthday on December 9th.

Christmas spells so many things for me. Christmas is a celebration to be shared with family and friends. It means sitting by a cozy fireplace sipping on hot chocolate and roasting marshmallows. The holidays are meant for so much more than gift giving-they’re for sharing a story of Christmas’s long ago and making those memories come alive-even if for a small moment in time. This is the season for reaching out to others and holding on to what you have. Christmas is Christmas no matter what house you live in or what country you reside- the meaning is the same with a twist of special family traditions passed on down through the years.

What if you could spend Christmas in the mountains? There’s something magical about the mountains-they’re mystifying, magical, and memorizing. Add Christmas to the mountains and you have a postcard right at your fingertips. A trip to the North Georgia Mountains is a treat anytime of the year. But if you’re looking for that Currier and Ives holiday vacation you must make a trip to Blue Ridge, Georgia. Begin with reserving a cabin at Sundance Cabin Rentals. There are so many cabins to choose from depending on your needs. Some of the cabins are pet friendly so you can bring your furry friends along for the trip. If you live south of Atlanta or in a state where you rarely get the chance to see snow, we can’t promise that snow will be outside your front door, but we can promise you a quaint cabin in a picturesque setting. We can also promise there’s plenty to do while you’re here. If you just feel like enjoying the view from your cabin porch, that’s okay. However, for the adventure seekers, don’t forget there are nature trails, and gorgeous waterfalls in less than one hours driving distance. If you head south on 515 leaving Blue Ridge in less than 40 minutes you’ll be arrive at Amicalola Falls State Park in Dawson County. Talk about some breath taking scenery! There’s nothing more beautiful than natures display of spectacular waterfalls. There are many other state parks to enjoy while you’re visiting the North Georgia Mountains.


Even if you can’t reserve a cabin for the holidays, the winters in Blue Ridge last all the way into April. So …if you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of some snow, chances are if you book a cabin over the next 3 months you just might need to bring a sled. In the mean time check your gift list, because as you know-Christmas waits for no one! That reminds me…I have some last minute shopping to do!

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Gotta Run!

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3 Responses to Christmas in the Mountains

  1. Linda Byle says:

    What a beautiful blog article! I enjoyed reading it! I have visited Blue Ridge a few times and every time I visit there’s always something new to discover or some new adventure I’ve never been on. I also make sure to reserve a cabin at Sundance Cabin Rentals. Tom Stone is the manager of Sundance Cabin Rentals and always gets me the best cabin for my money. My family is thinking about moving up this way as they also love the area and the people! Merry Christmas to you and your family Tom…we look forward to seeing you all in the spring!

    • T. Carmichael says:

      Linda is right on the money! We booked a cabin Thanksgiving and were very happy with the cabin we stayed in. the cabin was sparkling clean and there were plenty of towels. After shopping all day at the antique shops in Blue Ridge it was so relaxing to soak in the hot tub with a bottle of white wine. Don’t let this small town fool you…there is plenty to do! If you travel 30 minutes North or South you can visit amazing waterfalls and state parks. Oh and there’s even a gorilla sanctuary in the nearby town of Mineral Bluff! We plan on heading that way again this summer. Happy Holidays Sundance Cabin Rentals!!

  2. Gavin Bailey says:

    We were in the mountains last week…should have stayed for Christmas-maybe next year! We also rented a cabin but after looking at Sundance Cabin Rentals we think we are going with them next year!!