Dads, don’t let your daughters grow up to go fly fishin’

Fly Fishing CabinsIt’s not exactly what Willie sang, but I think a lot of us do this.  When it comes to outdoor activities, I tend to take my sons out instead of my daughters.  Why do I do this?

If I were to guess, I would say that it is because I want to instill in the boys things and activities that I enjoy.  But why not instill the same things into the girls as well?

Recently, it was Christine’s turn to take fly fishing lessons with Greg Johnson of GJFlyFishing We met this morning at a cabin rental we managed on the Toccoa River.  I think this was the first weekend all summer that there have not been guests in the cabin.  Guests have been telling me that the fishing is great here for trout, and we went to check it out.

teacher watching his student learn to fly fish

Greg watching his student

Greg gave us a half-day training session, starting out teaching us about the life cycles of insects, reading the river and understanding how the water movement effects where the fish will be and other basics which you need to know, but have little with casting a line.

Christine was a natural and in no time was casting her line like a seasoned pro.  I was watching jealously from the other side of the river, still struggling with undoing some of my bad habits from casting a lure and tangling myself and my line.  She traveled across the rocks and rapids gracefully, without any of the fears of an old man about falling and getting hurt.

Getting back to my statement at the beginning. . . a few months ago, my wife and I took a Dynamic Marriage class at our church for 8 weeks.  In that class, we discussed how activities which are important to one spouse, can lead to closeness and intimacy if the other spouse also participates in the activity.  So, following what they were trying to teach us, if my wife were to participate in activities which mean something to me, then this will develop a closeness in us by sharing activities together.  If you agree with this thinking, shouldn’t I be exposing my daughters to outdoor experiences which may be important to their future spouses?

Think about this, I can only come up with several reasons for not letting my daughters learn to fly fish:

  1. They may become better at it than me.
  2. I may have to buy new equipment for myself so they can use my old equipment (Bass Pro Shop road-trip)
  3. . . . . any suggestions?

BTW,  If you are coming to Blue Ridge to fly fish,  A riverfront cabin is the perfect location to stay.  Walk out the back door and be on the river in an area perfect for trout, and plenty of challenges for you.  If you decide that you would like fly fishing lessons for yourself or others, Greg will be glad to come to the cabin and share with you.  Contact Greg Johnson at

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One Response to Dads, don’t let your daughters grow up to go fly fishin’

  1. Ludie Shealy says:

    I’d have to be of the same mind with you here. Which is not something I typically do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!