Dining on the Toccoa River

Dine on the river

The Toccoa Riverside Restaurant is located along the Toccoa River south of Blue Ridge, GA

An interview with Tim Richter – Toccoa Riverside Restaurant

Kicking us off in what we hope will be a lengthy series showcasing the many small businesses, entrepreneurs & non-profits that help make Blue Ridge, Georgia and the surrounding mountain community such a vibrant place to live and visit is Tim Richter, owner of Toccoa Riverside Restaurant.

Tim was kind enough to spare a few moments out of his busy schedule with his restaurant in order to chat with us.  If you’re familiar in the least with the Blue Ridge/Fannin County, Georgia area you will know just what a popular attraction the Toccoa Riverside Restaurant has become over the years to not only the local populace but also to tourists alike.

To be able to sit down and share a great dining experience with a good friend, family members or a loved one with the backdrop of such a scenic river as the Toccoa is truly an experience that is unique and memorable.

Dine on the river

Without further adieu, lets jump into our conversation with Tim.

Sundance Cabin Rentals: Tell us who you are and what you do?

Tim Richter: I am Tim Richter, owner of Toccoa Riverside Restaurant

Sundance Cabin Rentals: How long have you been in business running the Toccoa Riverside Restaurant?

Tim Richter: We purchased the property in 1991 and opened for business in 1992 – 22 years.

Sundance Cabin Rentals: Because we know you’re not originally from this area can you provide for us some insight what those series of events were that led you to Blue Ridge?

Tim Richter: I was working at Cohutta Mountain Resort near Ellijay and found an ad in the Atlanta newspaper listing this property for sale.

Sundance Cabin Rentals: For our readers who may not be familiar with your restaurant and the food you serve, tell us what are some of the offerings one will find on your menu? Is there a dish you prepare that you might say is your most popular or requested? If so, what that might be?

Tim Richter: We are a family restaurant with a children’s menu. I guess you could say that we offer an American Cuisine, everything is fresh and cooked to order. We are always looking for something new, but keep traditional favorites and add new dinners to our menu.

Sundance Cabin Rentals: What do you enjoy most about your work?

Tim Richter: Making people happy, they enjoy their meal. I really like it when they praise their experience and meal in front of the staff.

Sundance Cabin Rentals: Tell us briefly about some of the charities you and Toccoa Riverside Restaurant help support.

Tim Richter: Children and local based charities – Feed Fannin, Empty Stocking Fund, Mountain Area Christian Academy, Snack in a Backpack, Toys for Tots, women’s shelters, local silent auctions trying to keep it local.

Sundance Cabin Rentals: It’s no secret that owning and operating a restaurant is hard work with lots and lots of details to consider and be mindful of. When you’re not working, what are some things you enjoy doing?

Tim Richter: Spending time with my two sons, gardening – growing herbs and flowers.

Toccoa Riverside Restaurant

Sundance Cabin Rentals: So, how ’bout a little fun here. We’ll start off with some questions and ask you to fill in the blank? Are you game?

Tim Richter: Absolutely

Sundance Cabin Rentals: The one attraction you’d encourage those vacationing in Blue Ridge to either see or do is_________________________.

Tim Richter: Get out and see the natural beauty all around us here.

Sundance Cabin Rentals: The Toccoa River is______________________.

Tim Richter: Pretty awesome!

Sundance Cabin Rentals: ___________________ is one word I might use to describe the people of Blue Ridge.

Tim Richter: Friendly and welcoming.

Sundance Cabin Rentals: My favorite dish to prepare is ___________________.

Tim Richter: Smoked Trout Pasta

Bonus question:

Sundance Cabin Rentals: My kids favorite thing for me to cook is ___________________.

Tim Richter: Meatloaf or Seafood

To learn more about Toccoa Riverside Restaurant:

Website: http://toccoariversiderestaurant.com
Phone: 706-632-7891
Google Maps: http://goo.gl/MQp2m0

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One Response to Dining on the Toccoa River

  1. Angie Carter says:

    Great interview. I loved seeing this side of Tim, and hearing how he loves this area. I know Toccoa Riverside is a favorite of many peoples.. And by the way, unless something has changed, you get to eat free on your birthday. A great time and place for friends and family to celebrate you.