Epic Dining in Blue Ridge

phoca_thumb_l_img_0261 w250If you’re planning your next trip to Blue Ridge, you might want to know where you can dine for the evening. The North Georgia Mountains are full of ‘down home cooking’ restaurants, but the trick is finding that perfect place not too far from your cabin. If you travel to 8055 Aska Road in Blue Ridge you’ll discover the Toccoa Riverside Restaurant. Owned by Tim Richter, this restaurant met its maker last February 13, 2012 when it burnt to the ground. Less than one year later on February 8, 2013, this cozy dining establishment opened its doors once again – providing a quality dining experience for the public.

It’s time to plan for the spring, so booking your cabin ahead of time will ensure that you’ll get just the right getaway cabin for your North Georgia mountain experience. I think were going to have an early spring as we’ve had a pretty mild winter in these parts. Some of the birds have returned from whence they came and the lilies are blooming. It’s only a matter of time before spring arrives and you’ll be soaking in that hot tub in one of our quaint cabins enjoying all that Mother Nature has to offer. So go ahead and start vacation planning now. We know you can’t wait to travel to our beautiful town and see all that it has to offer.

phoca_thumb_l_img_0257 w250The Toccoa Riverside Restaurant is just the place you need to hang any night of the week! Dine inside or dine out on the patio for a spectacular view of the river. Enjoy the finest seafood, steaks, and ribs these Georgia mountains have to offer. I love the rustic look of this restaurant and the comfy ambiance. If you’re a fish lover, you can grab a fresh trout dinner, and word of mouth is that the fried catfish is epic!  I haven’t had the fried catfish…looks like I need to make a trip to this quaint riverside restaurant to try it out.

So here’s the buzz: start thinking spring and when you’ve arrived you can take a trip to Aska Road for some fantastic food! Stay tuned for more information on what to do while you’re visiting us in the spring!

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