Experience Spring in the Mountains- You’ll Have a Gem Good Time!

th (2)Once again Mother Nature has waved her magic wand ….sprinkling a blanket of snow across the North Georgia Mountains. Schools were cancelled today as the children danced the Harlem Shake. The Weather Channel reports more snow is on the way, but that hasn’t stopped the robin red breasts playing in my front yard, or the blue birds camping out on my back porch.  As I sipped my morning coffee, I noticed a large woodpecker getting his fair share of bark from one of my tress on the back yard. I’m sure my fair feathered friends are wondering when Mother Nature will tire from having the last laugh. But no matter what she intends to try and prove….her contender the North Wind will show her a thing or two. Spring will arrive and she will have to stomp her way into hiding for another few months.

In the mean time….what’s on the itinerary for your spring visit? With Spring break right around the corner, you might be wondering how to entertain the kids while you’re visiting our quaint little town. In Alaska they mine for gold, but here in Blue Ridge, Georgia we mine for gems. While you might not strike it rich, were certain that a day of gem mining will be something the whole family will enjoy! So…where can you go to experience some good old fashioned family fun? We suggest the Lily Pad located in the Aska Area in Blue Ridge, GA.  You can spend the day gem mining here at the Lily Pad…but there is so much more to do if you visit The Lily Pad Village!


Have you ever played put-put golf in the mountains? The Lily Pad is one of the few places here in the North Georgia where you can play mini golf while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the mountains. Don’t forget to pack your fishing poles….the Lily Pad pond is full of catfish, bluegills, and bass for you’re your fishing enjoyment. If you forgot to bring your poles there’s no worry, you can always rent some poles at the Lily Pad! For those of you seeking more outdoor adventure, you can sign up for a guided hike where you can view gorgeous waterfalls and other scenic views.

After a fun day at the Lily Pad it’s time to return to one of our rustic cabins nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We know you’ll love Blue Ridge and all the fun things you can do while you’re here. Whether you’re relaxing on the front porch of your cozy cabin or seeking some mountain adventure, one thing’s for sure….Blue Ridge is one gem of a town!!

For more information on The Lily Pad Village log onto: http://www.lillypadvillage.com/ .

Gotta Run!

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