Fear Of The Cold – Are You Trapped?

Looking at christmas tree in log cabinThis morning, I am sitting inside my log cabin by the fire, the only light in the living room is coming from the fire and the Christmas tree.  We had a “dusting” of snow overnight, and as it is getting lighter, I can see some scattered flurries falling.  What a way to start the morning!  Winter can become a depressing time for people or it can become a time of adventure, it all depends upon your perspective!

My daughter is already disappointed because school is open, they close the schools in Blue Ridge at the drop of a flake, because some of the mountain passes will become treacherous very quickly.  My youngest son is disappointed too, he has already been outside and informed me that the snow will not make a good snowball, too little moisture in the snow.

Snow on the Mountain

Snow in the North Georgia Mountains

This weekend, we kept checking the Weather Channel, we had heard rumors of snow, and we wanted to know.  This is where I learned a new word, Cheimatophobia, fear of the cold.  I didn’t even know there was a name for this fear, but I should have known, I used to suffer from it.

a back mountain road in the snowLiving in Florida for 35 years, cold was defined as anything under 60 degrees.  I honestly pondered at times that we were permanently stuck in Florida for the rest of our lives because it got cold everywhere else.  It didn’t matter that it was Triple-95 for the whole summer (95 degrees, 95% humidity and 95% chance of afternoon showers), the chance that it would get cold stopped us cold from even considering visiting up north (of Florida).

I really think that this fear of the cold had us trapped in our misery for many years longer than it should have,  while bears and people up north hibernate in the winter, we hibernated in the summer in Florida.  Our common response to everything outside in the summer was, “No, it’s too hot.”  Don’t get me wrong, I worked outside for 35 years in Florida, being soaked with sweat from head to toe was a daily occurrence and accepted as the price you pay for sunshine. But on my time off, I wanted to be cool, and dry.

snow on the mountain in blue ridgeSo where am I going with this?  What does this have to do with Blue Ridge or renting a cabin from Sundance Cabin Rentals?  I guess what I am saying is don’t be afraid, come to Blue Ridge this winter!   A friend once told me, “Snow in Georgia is God’s way of saying, Take The Day Off!”  Bundle up and come stay with us, adventure out and explore the Blue Ridge Mountains in the winter. Then come back to your cabin and sip hot cider by the fireplace, of sit outside in the spa and look at the stars or enjoy the snow falling around you.

Come on out, the weather is fine! Don’t let your Cheimatophobia stop you from visiting us this winter.  Face your fear and visit us at Sundance Cabin Rentals!

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