Getting High In Blue Ridge

Mountain partyHey man, wanna get high?  Getting high in Blue Ridge is really not that difficult.  It’s almost around every corner, you will be driving down the road and come over a rise and boom, there it is staring you in the face!  There are mountains everywhere!

This could be an article about marijuana, they say that the Blue Ridge Mountains is one of the largest growing regions for marijuana in the US,  I will share a quick experience with you and then get back to our story.  Several years ago, my daughter and I were riding our 4-wheelers in the National Forest.  We passed a truck with an antennae like they would use to track bears, no big deal.  A mile later, two men dressed in cammo stepped out of the woods carrying assault rifles.  My first thought was that they were hunters, but it wasn’t hunting season, and who hunts with assault rifles?  This made me a little concerned.

Further down the road, we spotted another man in cammo, standing in the shadows speaking into a radio.  What had we stumbled upon?  A military exercise? Some para-military group in the woods?  People protecting their marijuana crop?  We didn’t know, but we decided to turn around and get out of the area as quickly as possible.  My best guess is that we stumbled across the DEA helping someone harvest their marijuana crop.  Who knows?  But it makes a good story!

highest elevation in georgiaJust east of Blue Ridge, is Brasstown Bald, the highest elevation in Georgia.  At 4,784 feet you can see into North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee on a clear day!  We go to Brasstown Bald a lot, because we enjoy the view and it is so close!  4,784 feet is a respectable height for the highest elevation, certainly more respectable that Flordia’s highest elevation, 345′.  Florida has condos higher than 345′. highest elevation in floridaLately I have been thinking about visiting the highest elevations in each state.  We went down to Florida over Thanksgiving and saw the sign directing us to stop and see Florida’s highest elevation.  We all laughed at it’s elevation, I think the elevation change driving to our cabin from the paved road is more than 345′.  Now I wish I had stopped.

long range mountain view from the top of Brasstown Bald

The view from the observation deck atop Brasstown Bald

You would think that Georgia’s highest point would be like Florida, a bump in the road, but Brasstown Bald is actually higher that the highest points in many other states:  Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Pennsylavnia, and Vermont.  Georgia’s highest elevation is higher that the highest point in 26 other states!  A lot of these states could be considered mountainous states, but Georgia’s elevation is higher. highest elevation in GeorgiaI just found out that there is a sport called highpointing.  Highpointing is the sport of visiting and finding the point with the highest elevation within a given area such as the United States or a specific region.  I think I would like to try to see how many highpoints I can visit in the United States.  I guess I am adding this to my “Bucket List”.  I really doubt that I will get to all 50 highest points in the United States, even if I went to Alaska, I doubt I have the skill set to climb Mt. McKinley, a mere 16,000′ higher than Brasstown Bald. Sunset in the Blue Ridge Mountains In looking into this, I discovered another interesting fact, there are 28 peaks higher than 4,000′ in Georgia!  Perhaps I should start out my highpointing a little closer to home, most of these peaks and very close to Blue Ridge, Georgia. West Virginia’s highest point is less than 100′ higher that Georgia’s.  When John Denver sang, “Almost heaven, West Virginia,”  what he really meant was that North Georgia was heaven and West Virginia runs a close second.  🙂

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  3. Geez! If you cut the marijuana thing out of the picture, it makes for a pretty healthy sight doesn’t it? The drive through the woods, climbing up the mountains, staying in a cabin, sitting on the porch and watching the sunrise, feeling the cool breeze all the time and observing the quaint lake! And talking about getting high, there are many things that help do that as well. Mountaineering, rock climbing, going on expeditions and trekking are a few of them!

    • Tom Stone says:

      You know, I have never been rock climbing up here, I would love to discover where to go and have someone “show me the ropes”.