Go take a flying leap – really!


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If your father told you to go jump off a mountain, would you?  We pulled up to this overlook, and I told the boys that I wanted to take a picture of them jumping off of a mountain.  “Yeah right dad”, was the response I got from them.  I told them to get out of the truck and go take a flying leap!  We were on a road trip to discover Benton Falls in Tennessee, a place we had never visited before.

The rock wall that I wanted them to jump off of, looked like it was along a sheer cliff, but really the ground on the other side of the wall was only a few feet below.  Reluctantly, they got out of the truck, thinking their dad had lost his mind, and they were about to die. After they inspected the wall, their imagination started to run wild with ideas of pictures we could shoot!

The ground was only a few feet below the wall

The ground was only a few feet below the wall

Working with the camera angles and their imagination, we came up with a wide assortment of interesting images.

roat trip to Benton Falls, TN

I’ll save you!

They started having so much fun with the photo shoot, it was hard to take a picture without them smiling at the camera, hey we want these to look realistic.  Be afraid, very afraid!

Benton Falls photo shootAfter playing around with taking pictures for a while, we eventually got back on task, going to discover Benton Falls, a water fall we hadn’t visited before.  I got back in the truck and continued driving along the ridgeline to arrive at our destination.

Benton Falls

Hiking to the waterfalls was an easy hike, with a very gentle grade on a good path.  The kids were supercharged about looking for things to photograph, so we were finely tuned to find things to take pictures of.  I never before today had allowed the boys to use my camera, but today was a great day to let them learn.

maple leaves with unusual colors

Looks like paint splattered on the leaves

We eventually made it to the water falls and it was definitely worth the hike, the view was breathtaking!  We had the perfect light, late afternoon, and the whole scene was magical.

benton falls tennessee on a fall day

waterfall, benton falls, tennessee, blue ridge mountains

After we hiked out and got back to the truck, the sun was fading fast, but the boys had some more ideas for more photos, so we headed back to the overlook.

haging off a rock walllooking out at the mountains from the overlookboy looking out at mountains from overlook DSC04456



twilight from a mountain overlookI don't want you to take my picture




When you come to the Blue Ridge Mountains for your vacation getaway, take time to venture out and discover new things, engage your children to be creative and add to your adventure, you might be surprised as I was.  Looking back on this mini-road trip, it was one of my favorite.

Come make your own mountain memories in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina.  I hope that you will stay with us at Sundance Cabin Rentals, but if you don’t, I am still certain that this will become your favorite vacation destination too!

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