Helton Creek Falls

upper falls at Helton Creek Falls

Helton Creek Falls

Helton Creek Falls is one of our favorite waterfalls we have discovered in the Blue Ridge area. There are plenty more waterfalls for us to discover, but for now, this one is the waterfall of choice for the kids.

climbing on the rocks at helton creek falls

Climbing on the rocks at Helton Creek Falls

Climbing on the rocks

Helton Creek Falls is a double-waterfall, the upper falls drops into a large pool, which many people swim in on those hot summer days. The water leaves this area and cascades down smooth rocks into the lower area and returns to the creek.

posing at helton creek falls

Lower Falls at Helton Creek Falls

There is an observation deck at the upper falls, where you can sit and enjoy all of the sights and sounds.

the rocks can be very slippery at helton creek falls

Many of the young and foolish attempt to climb the rocks along the waterfall. These rocks are extremely slippery. Instead of trying to climb the rocks, get your camera ready to capture the moment when someone else comes sliding down!

Climbing Rocks at Helton Creek Falls

climbing on the rocks at helton creek falls

On The Rocks

There are plenty of rocks to climb on at the base of the lower falls, the kids will stay here for hours if you let them. My two youngest have their “secret waterfall” which they won’t show anyone (it is only a small trickle going over rocks), but it is their waterfall and they visit it every time we come to Helton Creek Falls.

a small hidden waterfall at helton creek falls

The secret 😉 waterfall

I think that we have visited Helton Creek Falls in every season and every circumstance.  We have been there during a drought, a flood and even when it is below freezing outside.  Visiting Helton Creek Falls is one of those “must do” things when you are visiting Blue Ridge, Georgia.

Ice formations at helton creek fallsDirections to Helton Creek Falls: From Blue Ridge, go East on the 515 to Blairsville.

  • Turn right on SR 129 (turn at McDonald’s) towards Vogel State Park.
  • Continue on 129 past Vogel State Park, as you pass the park entrance, the road will widen into a passing lane in your direction. Get into the left lane.
  • Just before the passing lane ends, you will see a directional sign to Helton Creek Falls, turn left on Helton Creek Road. This road is paved for the first mile, and then turns into a gravel road for another 2 miles. The road goes up and down, has sharp turns to the left and right, and there is a steep dropoff along the right side of the road in sections. Be alert for drivers coming the other way around corners!
  • You will arrive at a parking area and find the hiking trail going down to the waterfall. The trail is steep, but not too steep, and is about 1/4 mile long to get to the waterfalls.
  • Remember, driving there is part of the experience! Make sure that this is one of your Blue Ridge Activities, everyone will enjoy this place!

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