How NOT to get snowed in to your cabin rental

sledding in Blue Ridge, GAWell, the weatherman said Blue Ridge, GA would get 1″ of snow today.  “Yeah right” we said, they have predicted snow so many times this winter and at the last minute, zip, nada, nothing.  So we watched it, hoping, but not really expecting anything.

Well, today we were surprised! We started out the morning at a balmy 17 degrees, so the ground was cold enough.  When it started snowing at 12:00, it started sticking immediately.  I think everyone was surprised by our snow today.  Right now at our cabin, we have about 5″ of snow on the ground and its still falling!

Getting home from Downtown Blue Ridge was interesting to say the least, I saw 3 spin-outs and one wreck on the way home because of the snow.  I got safely home, in 4WD, and the kids had already knocked 16 months of dust off of the sleds.  We headed out the hill near our cabin and started sledding!


We had a great afternoon of sledding, but what does this have to do with getting snowed out of your rental cabin?  Well let we tell you!

Yesterday, we send out weather advisories to all of our guests, and called the guests already in cabins, and let them know what they should do if it snowed.  Some people took the advise, and got to their cabins early, and others? Well, they didn’t make it.

Some guests called me from 30 miles away from Blue Ridge, and were afraid that they couldn’t make it, the roads were too bad.  They turned around, only to come back another weekend.

When we finished sledding, I had several calls from people wanting to rent a cabin for tonight, but we had to turn them down.  It was just to dangerous for them to be on the road up here today.

Living in the mountains of North Georgia has many advantages, but it also has its limitations.  A friend once told me, “Snow in Georgia is God’s way of saying, take the day off!”  That’s what we do, we get home and stay off of the roads.  Give the road workers time to clear the roads and make it safe again.

I really want you to get “snowed in” in one of our cabin rentals, but I also want you to be safe.  Please watch the weather, arrive early, and be prepared.  Next time they are whispering about snow in the Blue Ridge , give us a call at Sundance Cabin Rentals, and come play in the snow!

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