How to get snowed-in in your cabin

snowed in a cabin in blue ridgeThis time was different, really!  Last time, I shared how the snow was a nightmare for me when all of our guests in the rental cabins were snowed in.  This time, there were no guests to worry about so I got to stay home and enjoy being snowed in.

We did a lot of outdoor things and even went to Walmart once during the week.


So, how do you go about getting snowed in?  It will take a little effort on your part.  You will need to keep a close eye on the weather for Blue Ridge, especially the 10-day forecast.  Also, watch the weather as it is coming across the country and what they think it will do as it comes east.  In some ways, this is the same thing that people who live in Florida do during hurricane season.  Go about your life, but keep and ear tuned to the weather, and be prepared.

Now that you are certain that it will snow in Blue Ridge within the next week, it is time to put your plan into action.  Make your reservation with Sundance Cabin Rentals and hit the road!  You should plan on being in town before the snow starts, if possible so you can be safely nestled in your cabin before the snow starts dropping.  Bring your groceries with you, and even bring some extra in case you cannot get out as soon as you anticipated.

Being snowed in can be fun, but the Billy Boy Scout side of me also says that you need to be prepared.  So here are some things for you to consider too:

  1. 4 wheel drive is a good thing!
  2. Driving – watch out for ice on the roads.  Driving on a mountain road with steep grades and curves is more dangerous with ice and snow.  Some parts of a road may be on the north side of a mountain and not get any sun to warm and melt the snow.  You could come around a curve and find ice on the road.  I have seen where some areas have melted during the day, and re-froze overnight, so just be careful.
  3. While at your cabin – Keep and eye on the weather while you are staying up here, be aware of what they are saying about snow.  If it starts snowing while you are out, once you see it starting to accumulate, I would suggest you head for the cabin and get off of the roads.  Once the snow starts accumulating, the situation on the road can go from bad to worse very quickly.
  4. Plan on staying in for a while after it snows, don’t be in a rush to get out on the road.  The county and state salt and plow roads, but they start with the main roads (515, 60, 5) first and work their way out from there.  They know what areas freeze first, and will usually salt them before things get too bad.  I would suggest not getting out on the road for at least a day after a snow with accumulation.  This said, if you think you may be snowed in for a day, stock up with supplies and essentials so you won’t have to get on the road.

Now that I have scared you, let me say that it is great up here when it snows!  I can think of nowhere I would rather be than outside hiking or playing with the kids in the snow, or sitting in a spa on the deck while it is snowing.  Sitting inside by the fire drinking hot cider is good too! Start planning now and maybe next time it snows, you can get snowed in in your cabin rental too!

I want you to enjoy your stay, so please do not let the weather ruin your time up here in Blue Ridge!

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