How To Rent A Cabin In Blue Ridge, GA

creekside cabin rental in blue ridgeWe really try to make finding and renting a cabin in Blue Ridge, GA and the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains a stress free process for you.  If you follow these easy steps, we will show you how to rent a cabin in Blue Ridge, GA in just 5 clicks!  The whole process of finding and reserving your cabin us just 5 clicks away, our availability calendars are live which means that you will know instantly whether the cabin you are looking at is available.

Quick Availability Search

On the right side of each page on our website, you will find the quick availability search.  Just enter in :

  1. Your Arrival Date
  2. Departure Date
  3. Sleeps – enter how many
  4. Click “Start Search” (CLICK #1)

You will only be shown the cabins which are available for the dates you requested, and have enough beds to sleep the amount of people you selected.  Your results will also display the total price of your stay at the cabin!  You can review the cabins, find one that interests you and click on the cabin (CLICK #2) to find out more about it and its amenities.

Cabin Information

Each cabin has a detailed page which will show you:

  • Pictures and a video of the cabin
  • Amenities and features of the rental cabin
  • Guest reviews “posted on another website (FlipKey and TripAdvisor)
  • Nightly Rates
  • Availability Calendars (always live – if it says it is available, it is!)
  • Minimum Night Requirements
  • Specials or discounts available for this cabin.

After you review all of the information about your cabin, you can go straight to the Reservation Page by clicking on the “Book Now” button at the top of the page (CLICK #3)

Complete Your Online Reservation

Fill out the reservation form, check the appropriate boxes and click “Complete Reservation” (CLick #4) and you will be connected to our credit card company.  Enter your credit card information and submit (Click #5) and verify it against your account and this completes your reservation.

Okay, so now what happens with my reservation?

At this point, your reservation is complete, your days are blocked off so no one else can reserve them, and your cabin rental reservation is ready for us to review.  Now we will:

  1. Review your reservation
  2. Charge your credit card 50% of the total price for your stay
  3. Email you your confirmation, credit card receipt, rental agreement and optional damage waiver and trip insurance documents

NOTE:  If your reservation is made less than 14 days before your arrival date, we will charge to your credit card the entire amount due.

14 Days Before Your Arrival, we will:

  1. Charge your credit card for the balance due, and email you an updated confirmation and a copy of your credit card receipts.
  2. We will also email you driving directions to your cabin.  You will not need to check-in with us at our office, you are welcome to stop in and see us, but it is really not necessary.  Your driving directions will have turn-by-turn instructions to safely get you to your cabin and also instructions on how to get in the cabin.

What else can I tell you about how to rent a cabin?

If you are one of those people who like to stay up all night looking for a cabin, more power to you.  I won’t answer your questions if you call at 2:00 AM, but you can email me at any questions you may have.  For everyone else, please call us toll free at 888-881-3286 and we can answer your questions, help you find the right cabin for your stay, or make a reservation for you!

One more thing!

I think this is important for you to know:
When we receive money from you for your vacation stay with us, we deposit the money into an “Escrow or Trust Account.”  Your deposit is held in trust until you check-in to your vacation rental.

Why is this important?
Because until you check in, this is still your money.  We may have distributed some of it to pay for your Damage Waiver and Trip Insurance, but if something happened and you had to cancel your vacation stay with us, we haven’t spent your money!  If you need to cancel your reservation with reasonable notice, or the cabin were not available or accessible to you, we can and will refund part or all of your advance payment (subject to our cancellation policy).  I mention this because life happens, and we have to change our plans!



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