Last Minute Cabin Rental Discounts, Tornadoes and Captain Kirk

Rooms are a perishable commodity.  Let’s negotiate a deal!”

I know this is a stretch but what do last minute travel discounts for Cabin Rentals in Blue Ridge, Georgia, tornadoes and Captain Kirk have to do with each other?  You will have to bear with me for a minute.  We were supposed to get some severe weather in North Georgia this spring, it just started raining so I went online to check the weather radar.  I always try to keep an eye on the weather when we have guests in the cabins, just in case I will need to go out to a cabin to assist someone.  It’s not so bad losing electricity in a cabin this time of year, because the temperatures are very comfortable outside, in the winter, it could be a problem if guests cannot get their heat to work.

Since we have been living here in Blue Ridge, we have noticed that severe weather with tornadoes do not come here in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  We watch them all around us to the south in Atlanta, the west in Chattanooga, and to the east and northeast in North and South Carolina.  A front can be ripping across the country with tornadoes wreaking havoc everywhere but when they hit the mountains, they lose their punch.  I have never had the opportunity to talk to a weatherman about this, but I assume it has something with the mountains disrupting the air movement as surface winds are forced upward as the front runs into a mountain.

Anyway, back to our story. . . the line of storms is definitely coming our way, about 60 miles to the southwest.  Next to the weather radar, was a link to a video shot of a massive tornado in Texas (probably from this front) so I clicked on it.  Instead of the video about the tornado, I was shown a commercial with Captain Kirk (William Shatner) as the price negotiator.  He was at the front desk trying to negotiate a deal for a guest.  He told the clerk, “Your room is a perishable commodity, if you give me a deal for tonight, it will help cover your overhead and bills.” He got a deal for the guest.  You know, he’s right.

last minute cabin rentals

It's time to make a deal

A cabin rental is a perishable commodity, and it definitely has a shelf life. An empty cabin tonight is a waste, and of no value to me, you or the cabin owner.  It is in everyone’s best interest to make a deal, even a great deal for a rental for tonight.  While this is true for tonight and possibly tomorrow night, it is not true for 2 weeks from now, I’m less inclined to make a deal for a cabin rental 2 weeks, or 2 months into the future.

If you heed the advise of that wise sage, Captain Kirk, call Sundance Cabin Rentals at 888-881-3286  and let’s negotiate a deal for your cabin rental in Blue Ridge for tonight.

Captain Kirk can’t negotiate  last minute hotel discounts for you here in Blue Ridge, and I can’t offer you a last minute cabin rentals in hiawassee, ga or last minute discounts on pigeon forge chalets, but I will work with you on last minute discounts.

But do me a favor, don’t call me the day before a major holiday hoping to get a deal or a cabin, odds are that we will be full and cannot offer you any last minute travel discounts.

“Live long and prosper” – Spock

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