Michael and Cindy’s First Visit to Blue Ridge, July 2014

jackbears07Day 1,  Jack Bear’s Cabin in the Woods

Arrived at Jack Bear Cabin in Blue Ridge, Georgia and was very impressed with the accommodations! This cabin has plenty of space inside & out – love the decks with grill, hot tub, fireplace and hammock. The furniture inside & out is very charming and nature themed. Very quiet place except for the occasional baying hound. We provisioned at the Food Lion in Blue Ridge & Cindy made us bacon/egg sandwiches for dinner. Went to bed at a reasonable time cause of the SUP plans & not really knowing how exhausted we will be afterwards.    *SUP, stand up paddleboarding.

jackbear15   cindy in hammock

Day 2, Surf Blue Ridge, Stand Up Paddleboarding


I experienced StandUp Paddle Boarding today  on Lake Blue Ridge with Cindy. It was an exceptionally rejuvenating adventure – so serene as we paddled with just the sounds of nature (water lapping up on the shore, eaglets calling for the momma, fish jumping up out of the water). Chris, our instructor from Surf Blue Ridge, patiently instructed us in paddle boarding basics and had a very able assistant named SUP.  ( Chris’ dog)SUP carried the waterproof camera for Chris. Chris took many photos of Cindy & I as we paddled for six miles today. We even had a picnic lunch on some boulders at the junction of the lake and river. Afterwards, Cindy & I stopped at the grocery store before returning to the cabin. I used the hot tub while Cindy showered. She surprised me by photographing me napping in the hot tub. Later after having showered, I grilled hamburgers & hot dogs that we ate on the veranda. Toasted marshmallows in the fire for desert – perfectly delicious! Spent the rest of the evening talking and watching the fire. Future plans for the week include shopping in town, hiking to some waterfalls & possibly some horseback riding in the mountains.

jackbear31      surf blue ridge

Day 3

moose pic, cindy and michael

Woke up at 6:00 AM this morning, had 8 to 9 hours of sleep &thought why waste the morning – as far as Cindy was concerned that was the wrong idea. I am sitting out on the deck drinking coffee while listening to a rooster crow, birds making all kinds of noises and even think that I heard some other wildlife sounding off this morning. The baying hound has been quiet this morning. We spent the day walking through the shops of downtown  Blue Ridge. Lot of interesting decorations for our future Timber Frame Lodge in Sequatchie County, TN. Superb BBQ lunch at Harvest on Main!!!  Fudge for dessert.

harvest on main


Day 4  Dining Out

taccoa riverside  pic


Dinner on the Toccoa River tonight was a culinary dream come true! The weather was great and we dined outside with a magnificent view of the river. The food was spectacular! We started with an interesting quesadilla with chicken, peppers, onions, mushrooms, pineapple, mango and cheese. Cindy had pecan crusted trout with pecan butter, fried shrimp, French fries and a Caesar salad. I had blackened mahi mahi with a mango/pepper salsa, fried shrimp, red skin mashed potatoes and cream corn nuggets. We finished with a delicious homemade peach cobbler with ice cream.

dinner at tcr


Day 5- Hiking

cindy hiking                           michael hiking

We hiked to Long Creek Falls this morning. Very peaceful with only the sounds coming from the falls.  We were disappointed as seemed unable to negotiate a path to the water edge – even had a spill down on to my elbow and back.  Thankful that the digital camera was padded by new raincoat. Gash and a sore right elbow/forearm. We kept hiking the trail and eventually arrived at the falls. Beautiful site!!!

We look forward to visiting Blue Ridge again and hiking other trails.

michael at falls


Angie came by this afternoon and visited with us for a while. We had a good lunch and spent quite a while catching up

(Angie and Cindy have been bffs for years.  Angie works as a reservation specialist for Sundance Cabin Rentals)

michael kissing cindy

Note from Angie:

   I can hardly wait for my friends to visit again.  Their excitement about my home renewed my excitement for my beautiful surroundings.  I would love to share them with you too.  

Come visit.



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2 Responses to Michael and Cindy’s First Visit to Blue Ridge, July 2014

  1. my husband and I are looking for a new place this January to visit, I came across your cabin and fell in love. We have a 11 lb shiz-shu named buster,we were wondering if we could bring him. we would not mind putting down a deposit to cover him. He is well behaved and at 9 yrs housebroken no shedding. Thank You Jenny