My Morning Commute From My Log Cabin In Blue Ridge

Driving to work in Blue Ridge, Georgia

Hey, I put my time in sitting in traffic. I came to the realization one day while listening to a traffic update, that I knew where they were talking about, because I had been stuck in traffic in every place they mentioned in Orlando.

Orlando traffic jam

We're going to Disney World!

I traded it all, the great job, salary and benefits, for a log cabin on the top of a mountain in Blue Ridge, Georgia.

Leaving for work in the morning is still the same, most people in the house are still asleep, but instead of my 9-5 job, selling landscapes, I now spend my time selling cabin rentals to people wanting to vacation in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Everything is different as I walk out on the back porch to see the distant mountains, get into my truck and drive down the mountain on our one-lane gravel road to get to the highway.

Total Gridlock in the Blue Ridge Mountains

This is what the highway usually looks like at 8:00 on a weekday.  Instead of looking at cars, trucks, motorcycles and semis, I now look at mountains, trees, deer, turkey, farmlands, and if I am lucky, and occasional bear.  This time of year, there are new wildflowers to discover each day, and every day the mountains are different than the day before.

Well, maybe the time is not right for you to become my neighbor (the cabin down the road is for sale and I can recommend a realtor), but you are welcome to come and stay a while with us at Sundance Cabin Rentals.

We have many great rental cabins available for you, whatever your needs.  If you are looking for a luxury or a budget minded cabin, or a riverside or mountain view cabin, we have just the place for your next vacation from Rush Hour.

BTW, we do have a rush hour, but only on Fridays.  That is when we welcome all of our weekend visitors coming up from Atlanta.

When are you coming back to Blue Ridge?

One last picture for you, I took this picture last fall driving out of the Aska Adventure Area south of Blue Ridge.  This is the reflection in my side mirror of where I have been.  When shall we expect you?

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