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We believe that our philosophy is somewhat unique to the cabin rental industry.  In a nutshell, our philosophy is, “It is your cabin, not ours”! This simple statement represents a dramatic shift from the paradigm which most management companies operate under.  This is how this philosophy can be different for you:

  1. Come to your cabin when you want, stay as long as you want, return as often as you want.  You purchased your cabin for you and your family to enjoy, you don’t need our permission to use your property.
  2. Give your cabin away to your friends or family if you want to, because it is your cabin.
  3. Realize that staying in your cabin and giving away your cabin during prime seasons and holidays will reduce the income you receive from your cabin, if you are okay with the loss of income, we can accept the loss as well.
  4. Our job is to manage the property for you during those times when you choose not to stay in the cabin.

When it comes to handling money which belongs to you and our guests, we fully realize that: “This is not our money”! It belongs to the guest until check-in, and then it is disbursed to the owner, housekeepers, taxing authorities and to Sundance Cabin Rentals as commissions.


  1. All monies and advance deposits received are held in a Trust Account for dispersal at the proper times to cabin owners, housekeepers, taxing authorities and Sundance Cabin Rentals.
  2. Rental Revenues are disbursed monthly to cabin owners. Monthly statements and checks are usually received by the 10th of the month for the previous month’s rentals.
  3. Sales tax collections are paid either monthly or quarterly as required by State, County and City taxing authorities
  4. Housekeeping and sales commissions due to Sundance Cabin Rentals are disbursed weekly from the Trust Account for guests who have already checked out.
  5. Since we realize that this is not our money, and it is not co-mingled with our operating account, there is no reason why payments should not be paid to you, departments of revenue, and housekeepers on time.

We expect that “You should be fully informed” at all times about what is happening with your cabin.  Without having to ask us for information, you can login to our reservations program 24/7 and have complete access to what is happening with your property, such as:


  1. Reservations – (tentative, confirmed, canceled) nightly rates booked at, and net to owner.
  2. Housekeeping – who cleaned your cabin?
  3. Work Orders – review all open and closed work orders related to your property, and related charges, if any.
  4. Owner’s Statements – review current and all past Owner’s Statements.
  5. Owner Reservations – make your own reservations online, change the dates of your stay, or cancel your planned stay.
  6. Guest of Owner Reservations – make reservations online for your friends and family.

The level of property management services that we offer to cabin owners is different for every property, because each property is unique and your level of services required are unique to you.  If you want us to take care of everything, we can; if you want us to just market and take reservations for you we can do that too.

Thank you for considering Over The Top Service LLC, d/b/a Sundance Cabin Rentals to provide the property management services for your property.

We hope that you will find our proposal process informative and enlightening in order for you to make an educated decision as to which cabin rental company program will best suit your needs. We know that it is not easy to perform an objective comparison, we will be more than willing to sit down with you and help you understand anything and everything about the proposals you are considering. Check out our blog for cabin owners! More coming soon!

First Things First

Insurance – you need to talk with your insurance agent 1st. Inform him that you are considering placing your cabin on a rental program, and ask him to provide you with quotes to adequately protect your investment. In many cases, having insurance to protect you will be higher than what you may be currently paying for a 2nd home.

Your Wants And Needs – What do you want to do with your cabin? Are you looking to rent it out during times you may not be using it, and want to supplement your income to defray some of the cabin’s expenses? Are you looking to make your cabin either self sufficient or an income stream? What do you need to generate for revenue from your cabin? How you answer these questions influences how we will market and price your cabin in the rental program.

Reality Check – most cabins do not stay full all year. During the winter, Jan – Mar, it is possible for your cabin not to have any guests. During the peak months, you cabin may be rented 15-25 nights.

What Does My Cabin Need? Click Here to review a list of amenities your cabin should have. Basically this is a list of everything you would need to stay at your cabin, with the exception of clothing and food.

Please take the time to review our proposal once it has been presented to you, check out our references and complete your own comparison. If you like what you see, LET’S NEGOTIATE A DEAL.  There may be points of specific items which you may have questions about, need a better explanation of, or even may disagree with so let’s sit down and work out an agreement which we all will be satisfied with.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you taking the time to review our proposal and we look forward to a long lasting relationship that will prove beneficial to both of us.

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