October In The Blue Ridge Mountains

It doesn’t get any better than this!

Blue Ridge Mountains in my rear view mirror

View from my side view mirror

I took this picture last October.  It was instantly one of my favorite photos last fall.  I was driving back out of the Aska Adventure Area,  windows down, and a cd blasting away.  I thought I would try to take a picture out the passenger window while I was driving, (no kids, don’t try this) I thought that all the trees along the side of the road would be a blur in the photo.  I didn’t get the picture I was trying for, but I think this one is better!

Fall scene of a church in the blue ridge mountains

A church in the mountains

I have to say this again in case you missed it, “It doesn’t get any better than this!”  October in the Blue Ridge Mountains is one of my favorite months.  Summer is over, the days are cool, the nights are cooler.  Evenings are perfect for a fire in the fireplace or outdoors in the firepit.  The Blue Ridge Mountains shift gears, slowing down from the business of summer and heading towards that time of rest in the winter.

Last October, I started a project I called Blue Ridge 365.  I thought I would take a picture every day to share with you.  I did pretty good in October, November and December.  After that the pictures became less and less.  Sorry, but I got busy renting cabins to new friends and family.  I have pictures to post for some of the missing months, I will get to them soon, I promise.  There are also new videos coming soon too!

Red Maple in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Red and Blue - Red Maple, Blue Ridge Mountains

Yes, some of my pictures are pretty, but you should really come up and take your own pictures.  We are busily reserving cabins for October, but we still have room for you!

sunset scene in Blue Ridge Georgia

Twilight in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Give us a call at 888-881-3286 to reserve your cabin today.  You can go to our website too and review all of our mountain view, riverfront and private and secluded cabins in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia.  Come stay with us and make your own Kodak Moment!

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