Placing Your Cabin In A Short-term Rental Program

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Your cabin rental is ready for your arrival

Some of the most popular reasons for placing a vacation home on a cabin rental program are:

  1. We are not coming up as often as we used to.
  2. We need to have a cabin “pay its own way” or defer most of the expenses in owning it.
  3. Make the vacation home tax deductible.
  4. Get  a Return On Investment.
  5. Wait out the market until home values rise again.
  6. Selling the cabin is easier to manage with short-term rentals.
  7. Financial situation has changed and need to make income from the cabin.
  8. Looking to invest in a cabin and receive a steady stream of income from it.

These are all very good reasons to place your cabin on a rental program, and with most of these, we can help you!  The one which we may not be able to immediately help you is when the property or you are under immediate financial distress.

When a new property is placed into a short-term rental program with Sundance Cabin Rentals, we try almost everything to get the word out and marketing your cabin.  Many people look for weeks and even months in advance for the “right cabin” to rent (we already have cabins booked 10-12 months in advance) and there needs to be momentum built up to start generating a revenue stream for you.  If your cabin is an exceptional property with the amenities that renters are looking for, the start-up period is relatively short.  If your cabin is everything that you want, but is not what a guest is looking for, the start-up is much slower.

What are guests looking for these days?

I call what they are looking for “Roughing It Disney Style”, a cabin in the wilderness, but it needs to have all the amenities and luxuries such as:

  1. Location – mountain view, riverside, lakeside, creek side.
  2. Accessible – good roads (all four wheels can stay on the road)
  3. In good repair – fresh paint/ stain.
  4. Amenities – fully equipped kitchen, satellite/cable TV, DVD, fireplace
  5. Entertainment – pool tables, arcade games, spa, Wireless Internet.
  6. Other things which fit with the location (kayaks, hiking sticks, etc.)
  7. Local information – If there is something special you enjoying close to home, make sure that your guests can discover it too!
  8. All the comforts of home (and then some)

Don’t worry if your cabin doesn’t have all of these things, some people are actually coming up here to get away!  But entertaining their children is also a factor to take into consideration, especially in the evenings.

It is a great time in this economy to place your cabin in a rental program, give us a call and let us tell you why!  888-881-3286.

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