Protecting Your Personal Information

Is There Anybody Out There?

privacy policyDo you ever wake up at night worrying about something?  I usually don’t, my wife will attest that I sleep like a rock.  But over the past several months, I began to notice in the web logs that people were coming to my website from unusual places such as Russia, China and Eastern Europe.  I really doubt that they are looking to rent a cabin in Blue Ridge. So why are they visiting my website?

So why were they visiting me if not to rent a cabin?  The only thing that I could have that would be of value to them would be your personal information!  This really woke me up to our security and vulnerability to hackers.  In the process of taking a reservation, we take down you name, address, phone number and more, along with your credit card information.  If someone accessed that information, could they use it to steal your information and make charges to your credit card?  We have not been hacked, but I decided not to wait and find out too late.  We started on our journey to make your personal information and Sundance Cabin Rentals more secure. I did not want to have to call all of our guests and be the bearer of bad news.

Don’t look for trouble. . .

So here is what we have had done to protect your information:

  • Changed our credit card company so we don’t store your credit card information anywhere, ever, for any reason.
  • Upgraded our online reservation software to securely link directly to the credit card company for taking your credit card information.
  • Removed all credit card information stored from present and past guests.
  • Heavily invested in hardware to prevent unauthorized access to our servers, computers and data.
  • Tested our security by having outside sources attempt to access our system.  They actually attempted to hack our system over a period of several weeks, to detect its vulnerabilities.
  • Became PCI Compliant.  This is probably something that you have not heard about, but it is the standard that a company should be using in handling your credit card transactions.

What is the result of all these efforts?

What all of this means to you. . .

You can be assured that we are committed to protecting all of the information that you share with us, when you reserve your cabins in Blue Ridge or a vacation stay with us.  We have undertaken tremendous efforts to protect your personal information, and we will continue to look for additional ways to improve our security and the trust you place in us when renting a cabin.

So, relax! Book your cabin and come stay with us!  I want your biggest worry to be , what to do when you are staying in Blue Ridge, not us!

Please follow this link to learn more about our Privacy Policy


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