Cabin Rental Questions You May Have

Riverfront vacation rental - Shallowford ViewWebsites for cabin rentals have many differences, some may leave you confused about the information you are looking at.  Hopefully, this blog will help you in understanding what you are looking at when you are viewing Sundance Cabin Rentals website.

  • How accurate is your availability list for each vacation rental?
    The availibility dates are always accurate and up to date.  The cabin information you look at on our website is linked to our reservation software at our office, so we do not need to update the calendars.  Availability is updated instantly, when a reservation is made.
  • Do I need to talk to someone or can I book my reservation online?
    You can book your reservation yourself online if you want to.  After you complete the reservation process online, the cabin and the dates you selected are placed on a tentative hold until we have the opportunity to confirm all of the information you entered.
  • What is the whole damage deposit and damage waiver thing?
    We require that you either provide us with a damage deposit or sign up for the damage waiver.  The damage waiver is like and insurance policy to protect you against up to $3000 in damages to the cabin.  If you choose to give us a damage deposit, we will inspect the cabin after your stay, and promptly refund your money to you.
  • Why do you need to talk to me if I entered my own reservation?
    We want to make sure your reservation has all of the right dates before we confirm the reservation.  Once you have placed your reservation online, no one else can take your cabin or dates.  It would be terrible for everyone if you entered in the wrong dates and then showed up and your cabin was not available for your stay, we just want to make sure that everything will be right for your arrival.
  • What are your minimum night stay requirements?
    We have a 2-night minimum requirement for staying in our cabins.  Some holidays may have a 3 or 4-night requirement for booking a reservation.
  • Can I book a stay for only 1 night?
    Yes, but you need to talk to us to do this.  If you call on Monday looking for a 1-night reservation for Saturday, we will ask you to call back closer to the weekend.  If you call Thursday afternoon or Friday and the cabin is still available, we will most likely take your reservation for one night.
  • What if something happens and I have to change my reservation or cancel?
    The unexpected always happens when you are trying to get away for a vacation.  If you need to change your plans, give us a call.  We will do everything possible to move your reservation to another date at the same cabin or another cabin if yours is not available. If you need to cancel a reservation, we will refund your deposit, less a $30.00 cancellation fee at any time up to 14 days before check-in.  If you need to cancel less than 14 days before check-in, we may not be able to refund all of your deposit, we may have to charge you for one night’s stay or be able to issue you a credit to use at a later date for a vacation rental.  You will have to discuss your options with us, so we can work out something fair to everyone.
  • I received a Gift Certificate for Sundance Cabin Rentals.  How do I redeem it?
    Call us at (888) 881-3286 to redeem your Gift Certificate.  Your gift certificate is typically good for one-year from the date issued. You may want to book your reservation online and hold it with your credit card until you have the opportunity to call us.

If we can assist you in any way, please call us at (888) 881-3286, email us at: or go to our Cabin Rental Website.

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2 Responses to Cabin Rental Questions You May Have

  1. shelma pearce says:

    what time of the month in jan or feb would we find snow in ur area i will be fifty this year and my lil sis also 50 so we were plannin a trip to a cabin to see snow because neither one of us has for our big fifty . my husband family has stayed at ur cabins and they really loved it there so we are savin our pennies and dimes to come up there.

    • Tom Stone says:

      Shelma, I would say that your best chances to see snow in Blue Ridge would be in early January, usually our coldest time of year. We usually do have snow during that time of year, but it will only stay around for 2 or 3 days.

      Saying this, I also need to say that this past winter, we were cheated on snow. We had snow flurries only 5 times all winter, and no accumulation. To be assured that you will see snow, you may have to travel further north than Blue Ridge.

      Snow or no snow, winter is still my favorite time of year up here in Blue Ridge.