Ramblin’ Road Trip From Blue Ridge, GA

save-meOne of the truly unique things about Blue Ridge is its location.  Within 15-20 miles, you can be in either Tennessee or North Carolina.  You can actually visit 3 states while you are on vacation, not just Georgia.  There’s plenty to do here in Georgia around Blue Ridge, but if you desire to do a little rambling, go explore north of here too!Last weekend, we decided to head north to discover the Cherahola Skyway, a road that connects Tellico Plains, TN and Robinsville, NC through the mountains.  We hoped to see views, waterfalls, wildflowers and other points of interest.  We weren’t disappointed.

Heading out from Blue Ridge, we crossed over into Tennessee in McCaysville and Copperhill.  From Copperhill we continued north to Tellico Plains on TN 68 through many small communities and then stopped at the Visitors Center in Tellico Plains.  Stop here and pick up a map of the Cherahola Skyway so you won’t miss any of the things to see along your way!

Baby Falls

Baby Falls - Tellico, TN

Our first stop along the Skyway road trip was Baby Falls.  We passed Bald Falls to get to this waterfall, but we decided to go back to it on our way back to the skyway.  I don’t know the history of Baby Falls name, because it really isn’t that small of a waterfall.

We discovered that this is a local swimming hole, with plenty of people swimming, lounging and yes, jumping off of the waterfall into the pool below!  If you decide to jump off the falls, ask a local first so you know where the deepest part of the pool is.


Bald Falls

Bald Falls - Tellico Plains, TN

We viewed this waterfall from the bridge, which offers a clear view of the waterfall.  There were people wading in the pool below the waterfall, people lounging on the rocks midway up the falls and also people looking down from above the falls.


We saw a hiking trail near the parking lot, this trail probably lead up to the top of the falls.

Back on the road

Cherehola Skywayridgelines2When we set out, we said that we were going to stop at every stop on the Cherahola Skyway.  There were too many stops, so we stopped at a few, drove through a few and just drove past a few.  Yes there were that many stops and overlooks.  Along our drive there were plenty of scenic views and some of the best long-range mountain views were along stretches where we couldn’t stop.

bluetsyellow-flowersWe stopped at took some pictures at the overlooks and also captured some “unique images” and also wildflower pictures too.


Caution!!  There were a lot of motorcycles on the road with us, some of them were hugging the inside of the curves a little too close to oncoming traffic, keep your eyes on the road around the curves and let everyone else take in the beauty of the surroundings.

Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest

creek in Blue Ridge Mountains

As we were nearing the end of the Cherahola Skyway, there was a turnoff to the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest.  Joyce Kilmer is unique because it is the only forest in the Eastern United States that has not be harvested for timber.

Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest

There are some very, very large poplar trees here, one of the trees we saw was 6′ across at the base.

The end of our day trip

There was plenty more to see and do on our road trip, but we got a late start, and were getting hungry, so we decided to head towards Murphy, NC for some barbecue before we headed back to Blue Ridge.

If you decide to follow our “Ramblin Road Trip” yourselves while staying in your Blue Ridge cabin rental, plan on making a whole day of this excursion.  You will then have time to see and do more that we did.




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