Renting an apartment during your holidays

Renting an apartment for holidays has the advantage of being cheaper than a hotel and allows us to feel at home, so it is an option increasingly used by families for summer.

The problem is that every summer there are news about fraud in the rental of tourist apartments that make many people end up being reluctant to this type of tourism. The most common complaints are that it does not meet the announced conditions, is far from the beach or has flaws. There have even been cases where the apartment does not even exist when we arrive at the destination.

For this reason, before renting the holiday apartment, it is necessary to carry out a series of prior checks to prevent our stay from becoming a nightmare. This guide will help you to rent a holiday apartment safely.

Be wary of excessively low prices.

It is common for scammers to use the price hook to attract customers. In order to detect whether it is a fraud, it is necessary to compare prices with other apartments in the same area and type.

If it is excessively low, be wary, as it is most likely to present some type of damage, does not correspond to what was advertised or does not exist.

Visit the property.

Whenever possible, it is best to visit the property to check its current status. If you are in another city, it is advisable to ask for updated photos and check on the internet that the photos correspond to the property or, on the contrary, if they have been used on other websites with different addresses. If the owner refuses to send photos, you have to be suspicious.

Check the apartment information.

In the case of a private individual, check that the property exists and is owned by the landlord. Through Google Maps we can see its exact location and with Street View photos if its exterior appearance corresponds to the information in the images provided by the landlord.

Always have a contact person.

Whether you make the arrangements directly with the owner or through an agency, you should ask, in addition to the email address, the phone number of a contact person if any problem arises during the stay in the apartment.

A sign that this is a fraud is that when calling the phone is always off or not answering.

Sign a contract.

It is essential to have a contract in which all questions relating to the amount of the rent, deposit, deposit, period of stay and mode of delivery and return of keys are included. From the OCU itself, they advise themselves if they have doubts about what the conditions of the contract should be and what aspects should be collected.

Fixes the signal or reservation in writing.

Generally, the deposit given as a reservation of the apartment is usually between 20 and 30% of the total amount of the rent, which is then deducted from it. It is important that the price and this signal appear clearly in the contract and have a proof of payment.

Negotiate the cancellation of the reservation.

On some websites, such as Booking, the conditions on cancellation of the reservation are explicitly detailed, but it is normal that individuals do not notice it.

For this reason, in the event of any unforeseen event that prevents you from occupying the apartment on the dates reserved, it is advisable to negotiate the conditions for cancellation of the reservation. If the reservation is cancelled at the last minute, it is usual for the owner to keep the signal.

Pay when you get to your destination.

Never pay the full amount in advance or send money remittances to an address. It is best to use secure means of payment such as credit cards, because banks have security measures in place, as well as other advantages over other forms of payment, such as the possibility of having insurance.

Check the state of furniture and fixtures.

When entering the apartment, it is convenient to check the state of the furniture and equipment of the apartment in order to detect possible deficiencies and ask for their repair. If there is any damage that was not specified in the initial conditions, we can even negotiate with the owner of the house a discount on the price.

Keep all the paperwork.

Invoices, mailings, brochures, telephone messages or photographs can serve as proof in the event of a complaint, so do not throw away any documentation during your stay.

Finally, keep in mind that if the rental is made between private individuals if there is a conflict, a lawsuit must be filed in the court of first instance of the locality where the apartment is located.

However, if you contract from a real estate agency, you must first fill in the complaint form and if it is not resolved, you must file a lawsuit.

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