Zippidy Doo Da, Riding The Ziplines In Ducktown, TN

We recently went up to Ducktown, TN to explore Ocoee River Basin Canopy Tours.  As we were heading to this adventure, I was doubting my sanity, because I do not enjoy high places, and stepping off of perfectly safe things in a high place is insanity!  Anyway, My oldest son Sam and I went.

Canopy tours are a relatively new attractions around here, the first zipline appeared several years ago.  Since then there are several ziplines in Blue Ridge and the surrounding area.  And there are rumors that many more are on the way!  Until now, Ducktown has been famous for the Ocoee Whitewater Center, kayaking and whitewater rafting.  If you are planning of vacationing in Blue Ridge, GA you are only about a 15-20 minute drive to Ducktown.

First, let me tell you that I do not like heights.  I once was stuck on a roof for several hours because I just couldn’t walk to the edge, and swing my foot over to step on the ladder.  I really had my reservations about doing this.

My final verdict? Do this!  I thought that I heard that they were offering package deals for the canopy tour and whitewater rafting, so if you are planning on doing both, check out Ocoee River Basin Canopy Tours.

Ocoee River ziplines

riding on a zipline

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zipline on the canopy tour

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