Romancing the Mountains….After the Storm

panther-creek     Wow, what a day here in the Blue Ridge Mountains! Tornado sightings have been reported and tress and power lines are down everywhere. I guess I’m one of the fortunate ones who still have power. Most of the roads are closed as work crews struggle to clear the way, making way for school buses and folks to return home. Storms are all up and down the east coast as well. This might be the perfect time to plan your next mountain get-a-way (if you’re one of the lucky ones with electricity). Hey…isn’t Valentines Day around the corner? Here’s food for thought: why not surprise your significant other with a romantic get-a-way here in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains? By the time you arrive in this scenic little town the storm will have passed and the mountains will be waiting to welcome you with open arms.

I don’t think it could be more romantic than to grab your honey and head for the hills. And even though it’s still technically winter here in these parts; there is still plenty to do, unless you choose to stay indoors! If you and your sweetheart get a hankering to go outdoors you could always explore the Cohuttas while you’re here. The Cohutta Mountains are some of the oldest known mountains in the world. Did you know that they once bordered a pre-historic ocean? These mountains were once considered too difficult for settlers to call home due to the unleveled ground and difficult access. Only a few brave Scot-Irish dared to call these mountains home-sweet-home! Today you can visit the Cohuttas and Mother Nature will happily oblige, setting the stage for romantic scenery you won’t see anywhere else. Here’s the best part- if you’re already parked at Sundance Cabin Rentals, you’re not too far from the Cohuttas. Here’s a link for a driving tour: .


Take your honey on a scenic drive and Mother Nature will do the rest. It won’t take long before you see what I’m talking about. With gorgeous waterfalls and breathtaking wilderness you will have swept your valentine off her (or his) feet. I don’t think you need a box of chocolates or even flowers in this case. What could be more romantic than standing under a gorgeous waterfall with your baby? And…after your romantic escapade you can take splendor back at the cabin cuddled up next to a glowing fire. If you haven’t had the chance to bask in these glorious mountains, now is the time to book your cabin! Even though it is suggested to book 3 months in advance, there still might be time to check cabin availability for the most romantic day of the year. But ya’ll need to hurry so you can grab that cabin today.

My son is home and the storm has passed. I am thankful to God for bringing him home safe to me. I feel so blessed to live in Gods Country and privileged to call these mountains my home.

Gotta Run!

Until Next Time~


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