Saturday in the Snow

We had snow this weekend in Blue Ridge  Wow what a weekend! If you were fortunate enough to be visiting Blue Ridge, Georgia this weekend, Mother Nature surprised everyone with a day of non-stop snow. This is what snow lovers have been waiting on since winter arrived in November. This is one time I couldn’t possibly be mad at the weather channel for not getting it right. The snow came out of nowhere and before everyone knew it, there she was in all of her frigid glory. As I attempted to give it my best shot arriving safely to the post office and wrapping up some last minute errands, I knew I needed to make my way home before the roads became too much of a challenge. But here she was; the snow had made her appearance and it was time for hot chocolate and sleds.

The snow flakes were getting larger, and soon became the size of dimes as they grazed the windshield of my truck. The snow was now showing its authority and I was glad to see the end of my driveway. It just goes to show you….the Mountains are always full of magical surprises. You never know when Mother Nature will show up in all of her splendor. There’s nothing like white powdery snow falling outside your picture window; there’s something to be said for the view itself, but add a warm fire, some hot chocolate, and a day of sledding down some hills and you have the recipe for the perfect day in the mountains!


Now…just imagine if you were here in a cozy cabin when the snow made its debut! Although it’s hard to predict when or if the snow will arrive just in time for your visit, you just never know. That’s why I say if you’re one who wants to experience winter wonderland in the North Georgia Mountains, you can watch the weather reports or just come on up and take a chance. Either way, whether it snows or not-the mountains will always be a menagerie of gifts from Mother Nature. There’s always something to see and beauty to behold whether it’s snowing or not. It just turns out this time that snow was on the menu for the second day of February, 3013.

So…what did we do with all the snow that graced my yard? We played! There were sleds and snowball fights as fingers and toes came close to being numb. There were snow boots lined up inside my back door. There was gourmet coffee, good eating, and worn out bodies as even us older folk played hard; our bodies experiencing temporary amnesia. I’ve lived in a few places where I experienced snow, but there’s nothing like a Saturday in the snow in the Blue Ridge Mountains!


By the next day she was gone. Remnants of the magical day remain here and there. Even though the snow is gone, I can still look outside my window and see the mountains off in the distance. There is still much beauty to enjoy and more surprises stored up for another Saturday here in these hills.


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Gotta Run!

Until Next Time~


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