Searching For Snow On Brasstown Bald

su shining through snow at brasstown baldWe had three days of snow flurries this week.  You would think that we should have a lot of snow on the ground, but we had none, the ground was still too warm.  All of the snow flurries were driving the boys crazy, so we set out on a road trip to find snow.  We headed to Brasstown BaldAs we neared Blairsville, we could see that the tops of the higher mountains were white.  Everything over 3000 – 3500′ was white.  I’ve seen pictures of out west where the tops of the Rockies are snow covered, but I don’t think I ever saw this here in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Driving to Brasstown Bald, there was a light dusting of snow, usually on the shady sides of trees and the north side of mountains but really no snow.  We really didn’t start seeing an accumulation of snow until we were over half-way up Brasstown Bald.  The top of the mountain and all of the trees were white!

tops of peaks near brasstown bald with snow

Going up the road to the top, I had the truck in 4-wheel drive,  I had a fear that I would round a corner and find myself driving on ice.  I wanted to be prepared, but this time there was no reason to worry, the road was dry and clear.  It was shocking getting out of the toasty warm truck, It was at least 15 degrees colder that it was at our house (I guess that the temperature was close to 0 ) and the wind was blasting!  Fortunately we came bundled up, but it probably wasn’t enough for the wind.

observation tower at brasstown bald

The trees were entirely white! they weren’t covered with snow like you see after a heavy snow, but each branch and twig was covered with what was either small snow flakes or ice crystals.  The effect was stunningly beautiful!  I had seen something similar several years ago, but did not have my camera with me that day.  I was happy to be able to take some pictures this time to share with everyone.

Each branch and even the little twigs were encapsulated in this snow/ crystalline ice.  When the sun hit it, it cause the branches to ‘glow’.

su shining through snow at brasstown bald

We didn’t venture to far, or stay outside too long that day, the wind was biting.  We had started up the hiking trail to the observation deck, and I was secretly happy when the boys said they didn’t want to hike up to the top.  They didn’t have to try to hard to convince me not to hike up to the top.  We found our snow, so everyone was happy and we climbed back into the truck to thaw out for the ride home.

snow formations on tree branches in the mountainsGranted, it is beautiful here, in the Spring, Summer, and of course, the Fall.  But the wintertime in the Blue Ridge Mountains also has its beauty too, you just have to make the effort to go and discover the beauty, and be prepared for the weather.

Come visit the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia, truely a stunning place to visit and live in all the seasons.  If you are coming for a visit, look us up at Sundance Cabin Rentals, and come stay in one of our cabin rentals.  We’ll try to have a little snow for you!

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