Is the spa in this rental cabin clean?

spa on deck of cabin rental in the snowSitting in an outdoor spa in the evening or on a snowy day can be one of your fondest memories of your vacation rental in the mountains, and it should be a worry free time for you.  But when was the last time the spa was cleaned?

I get asked this question more often than you might imagine. If you are looking for a cabin rental with a spa, and you are wondering how clean the spa is, maybe you should ask too.

We drain the spas at our cabins after each guest.  The spa is drained, cleaned, the filters are cleaned and replaced.  The spa is then filled with fresh water and chemicals.

I never really thought about this until a community where one of our cabins is located, sent us a letter stating that we could only change the water in our spa twice a year.

When I mentioned this to some of the people in our office, one of the women said, ”If I have no way of knowing if I am the first person in the clean spa or the last person before the spa is cleaned after six months, I just won’t get in at all!”  We got in a heated argument with this particular association, and when we asked them if they were assuming the liability for the spas, they backed off.

Here is the bottom line on Spa Cleaning at Sundance Cabin Rentals:  The spas are drained, cleaned and refilled after every guest.  No exceptions!

spa on deck overlooking the river

Come on in, the water's fine!

Come on in, the water’s fine!  Sundance Cabin Rentals

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