Stop Monkeying Around …Visit the Zoo!

zoo in murphy ncSo, you’ve booked your cabin for the perfect mountain get-a-away and you’re wondering what to do. The next three months are still considered winter months here in the North Georgia Mountains, so what can you do if you feel like venturing out of your cabin for the day? If you have the kids with you on this mountain trip why not visit the King Kong Zoo in Murphy, NC?  Not too far from Blue Ridge, GA is one small town zoo that houses 60 animals ranging from white tigers to a Zeedonk (a donkey-zebra hybrid).  The King Kong Zoological Park is located at the intersection of Hwy 64 an US 19/129 near the flea markets. John Curtis and his father Stanley have 110 years of experience between the two of them caring for these exotic animals. In around 30 minutes you can visit this charming zoo. Don’t let the size fool you…there are enough animals to look at.

I had the pleasure of taking my son to this little zoo around three years ago. We had never seen a white lion or any lion for that matter. It was a rare treat to view the lions, although I must say after a few videos there was one chap who seemed to be getting annoyed with us. We took the hint and moved onto the apes. My… were they interesting to watch-their mannerisms looked nearly human. If you’re staying at Sundance Cabin Rentals perhaps you hope to see some wildlife during your visit. If you’re lucky you might see some deer, wild turkey, or perhaps a bear. Most folks usually opt out when it comes to seeing a bear and for good reason. Our first year in the mountains we saw a cub and an adult bear within 3 months of each other.  It might be easier to visit the bears at the zoo- and a whole lot safer.

If you’ve never seen a Zeedonk then you’ll love the zoo’s hybrid donkey-zebra! I think this zoo is perfect for kids of all ages. Heck…we sure had a blast. Don’t let the small mountain town fool you. If you’re thinking of taking a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains there’s always plenty to do if you get “cabin fever”. The zoo is right across the street from the flea market, so you can venture over there after your visit with the animals. Of course…after a day out and about you’ll want to return to your cabin to soak in the hot tub or sit by a toasty fire. If you want more information on the zoo call John Curtis at 828-837-4242. I think your whole family will enjoy this outing! It doesn’t matter what time of the year you decide to visit our gorgeous mountains-you can visit the zoo anytime.

Well…It’s time for me to go I think I see a bear in my front yard. Okay…maybe not, but I got your attention didn’t I?



Gotta Run!

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