Super Bowl in the Mountains-Baby it’s Cold Outside!

The Super Bowl is right around the bend and folks are gearing up for the big day. Here’s food for thought: why not grab the gang and head for the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Northern Georgia? Make this the year of Super Bowls by surprising your family and friends with a weekend they’ll remember here in the Blue Ridge Mountains. If the Super Bowl isn’t enough in itself, add a cozy cabin with a warm fire burning, complete with game room- and you have everything you need for that Super Bowl party. Just imagine a drinking hot chocolate out on the deck while you’re waiting for the big game to start. Grab a bottle of your favorite chardonnay and head for the hot tub.  For those who came along for the ride, they’ll enjoy a cabin equipped with a game room while the football enthusiasts watch the game on a big screen TV.


c5bc036f-2535-4852-bb2b-3414084f88ac       I’m not sure what the availability is, but if you give us a call there might be some last minute deals. Rule of thumb is to book your cabin three months in advance, but who knows- you might get lucky. Here’s the thing: January and February are the coldest months here in Blue Ridge. If Mother Nature provides the snow, then there are hills to slide down.  However, lately Mother Nature has been getting her thrills by teasing us with a few flurries. Even without the snow, it might not seem feasible to hike or venture outdoors on a cold day…there are plenty of indoor activities to consider.


I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be, especially for Super Bowl weekend! If you haven’t made any plans, now’s the time to get cracking. Just imagine watching the big game next to a crackling fire in a cozy cabin tucked away on the side of a mountain. This suddenly turned into an extraordinary football extravaganza! Okay….you know what to do. There isn’t a moment to waste! Reserve that mountain cabin for the big weekend. Even if it’s too late, guess what? Start thinking ahead-think Spring and reserve your cabin for April or May. Oh, the things you’ll be able to do when the weather warms up. But that’s another story for another day. For now I’m thinking hot chocolate and a warm fire because “baby its cold outside”!


Gotta Run!

Until Next Time~



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