The Artistry of the Georgia Mountains

An Interview with Cheryl Engledow – High Country Art & Antiques

shop in downtown Blue Ridge, GAFollowing our debut interview in our Local Merchant Spotlight series, we are so pleased to introduce a mainstay business within the downtown Blue Ridge area, High Country Art & Antiques.

Owned and operated by Cheryl Engledow since 1997, High Country Art & Antiques has had the privilege of showcasing some of the most talented local and regional artists.

If you’re in the market or have an appreciation for fine art and collectibles then you’ll want to make sure to go by and visit Cheryl the next time you’re in Blue Ridge and view their inventory of folk art, jewelry, ceramics, pottery, antiques, oil paintings and a host of other sought after works of art and antiques.

Sundance Cabin Rentals: Hi there! Tell us who you are and what you do?

High Country Art & Antiques: I am Cheryl Engledow, the owner of High Country Arts and Antiques in Blue Ridge, GA

Sundance Cabin Rentals: Can you briefly give us some of the back story as to how you developed an interest in art?

High Country Art & Antiques: I have always had an appreciation for the arts, and I went to art school.

Sundance Cabin Rentals: We’re always curious to know people’s story as to how they first learned of Blue Ridge and what in particular led them to move here. Can you provide us a quick snapshot of that?

High Country Art & Antiques: We were living in Ft. Myers, Florida at the time and just happened to be visiting Sanibel Island, and someone told us about Blue Ridge.  It was an instant love affair.  On our second visit, we bought a home in Blue Ridge and live here full time now.

Sundance Cabin Rentals: Cheryl, for those who have never been in your establishment, can you give them an idea as to the different type of inventory you carry?

High Country Art & Antiques: Fine art to folk art, clay work, pottery, and hand crafted jewelry.

Cheryl Engledow - Owner

Cheryl Engledow – Owner

Sundance Cabin Rentals: Who are some of the artists represented in your shop/store? Any who currently reside in Blue Ridge and if so, who might those be?

High Country Art & Antiques: Most of the artists are Georgia artists, and mainly live in the Blue Ridge area.  Most of our art is impressionistic.  Some of the artists are:  Lisa Moore, Marilyn Sparks, Patrick Taylor, and Judy Shreve.

Sundance Cabin Rentals: If someone were to stop you on the street in downtown Blue Ridge and ask you what are some specific characteristics/qualities you find most attractive about this area, what might you say?

High Country Art & Antiques: People, even people who have moved here, are friendly.  The area has beautiful scenery, is charming, and you can actually see the stars at night up here.  You sleep better in the mountain air too!

Sundance Cabin Rentals: Because we know you probably enjoy a life outside of running High Country Art & Antiques, what might people find you doing – any hobbies or interests that occupy your attention outside of work?

High Country Art & Antiques: Being a business owner leaves me little spare time.  We have just built a studio at our home and I have started painting again.

Sundance Cabin Rentals: Cheryl, we want to thank you for your time. Lastly, there are some who might be reading this interview and who are considering vacationing with us in Blue Ridge. Can you suggest to them that one place to go and see and also that one restaurant they need to eat at while here?

High Country Art & Antiques: Eat at Black Sheep, go to the lake, take a scenic drive and of course come downtown and go shopping!

To learn more about High Country Art & Antiques:


Phone: 706.632.3882

Google Maps:

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