The Green Mountain Boys – Hiking The Aska Trails

boys hiking on the aska trails

The Green Mountain Boys

The Aska Trails is a hiking- mountain biking trail system 17 miles in length developed on National Forest lands near Blue Ridge, GA in the Aska Adventure area.  This week it occurred to me that everyone comes to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia to hike and enjoy the beautiful outdoors

and I drive by it every day too busy with work and life to enjoy what our visitors and guests come here to desperately experience and enjoy.  So yesterday, I scheduled a hiking trip into my day and went out to explore the Aska Trails Area with my two youngest children.

Green Mountain trail sign at the top of mountain

Green Mountain Trail Sign

If you are a history buff, you will recall that the Green Mountain Boys were a militia from Vermont during the Revolutionary War.  What does a militia have to do with hiking in Georgia, nothing as far as I know.  The Green Mountain boys in my story are my two sons, hiking with me up to the top of Green Mountain.

hiking along hand hewn trail

Hiking along hand hewn trail

One of my biggest test of patience in hiking with the Green Mountain Boys is the hike uphill.  I always try to make sure the hike up the mountain is first, and the downhill part is on the way back.  We were hiking the Green Mountain Trail, a looped trail about 2.4 miles long.  the lower segment is uphill the entire way, but not too steep a hike on this old logging road.  As usual, they started wining on the uphill trek.  Someone had shared some psychology they used on their children, so I told them,  “When we get to the stop sign at the top of the mountain, you can have a Coke from the Coke machine.”  I gave them each a dollar for the Coke machine, and they were noticeable happier on the hike.

Timothy then asked, “How do they get electricity to the Coke Machine?”  Matthew replied, “They probably have an extension cord.”  They new I lied to them but they played along anyway.  When we got to the trail sign at the top of the mountain,  Matthew tried to put his dollar in, but the machine was broken.

Directional trail sign on the Aska Trails

Trail sign "Coke Machine"

Here we made the turn and hiked back down to the Deep Gap Parking area.  This trail was hand hewn, and was narrow and steep.  I was glad that we had come up the other trail and were walking down instead of up on this narrow trail.  From the top of the mountain, you could see back to the city of Blue Ridge.  All along the hike we were offered glimpses of nearby ridge lines, I am certain they would be more visible and stunning after the leaves fall.

Mountain bike sign on the aska trails

Mountain bike sign on the trail

While we were hiking up the first leg of the Green Mountain Trail, I could see bike tracks on the trail.  Mountain bikers can travel these trails too.  I did not see any bike tracks on the downhill trail.  I have seen videos of mountain bikers out west riding downhill trails this steep, but I don’t think there were as many trees and rocks as close to the trail to crash in to.  Maybe young or foolish riders come down this trail on their bikes, but I am too old and hurt too much to even think of trying it.

early fall color along the hiking trail

Early Fall color along the trail

If you would like more information about hiking the Aska Trails,  Fannin County Chamber of Commerce has created an excellent printer friendly brochure of Area Hiking Trails and Access Points.

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