The Rodeo Comes To Blue Ridge

Ride Sally Ride!  I really don’t know if Sally was at the 15th Annual Kiwanis Rodeo last weekend here in Blue Ridge, GA, but it seemed that everyone else was here on Friday and Saturday night.  The rodeo came to town and everyone who participated or viewed the rodeo had a good time.

I have never been to a rodeo.  All I knew about them was what I have seen on TV.  A guest talked me into going and seeing for myself what it was all about.  I am glad I went!  The rodeo is definitely a family friendly event!

The rodeo started at 8:00 pm, and I was glad for that, it had been a hot day on Saturday.  It was still very warm at 8:00 but as the sun went down, it turned into a very pleasant evening.

The evening’s events started out with “wranglin” (I apologize if I used the wrong term here).  Talk about insanity!  Take off on a horse at full speed, jump off the horse and grab a steer by the horns, and “wrangle” it to the ground.

This was followed by bronc bustin, climbing on the back of a horse which was not broken and holding on for as long as you can.  The horses did not like the rope around their girth or the rider on their backs, so it was a battle of wills, the rider wanting to stay on while the horse wanted him off.  The horse usually won.  One horse was already aggravated enough before he even got out of the chute, and quickly proceeded to knock of his rider by smashing him into the arena fence.  Again, the horse won.


The barrel racing was action packed!  Ladies and their horses riding wide open around three barrels in a timed competition.  I think I liked this one best, because many of the other events were so fast, ending in mere seconds.

I found the rodeo clowns to be very interesting.  They act like they are just being foolish and amateurish out there in the arena, but I suspect that they may be the best conditioned athletes in the arena.  While cutting up and having fun, they are also out there to protect the riders.  I don’t know who is crazier, the riders on the broncs and bulls, or the clowns whose job is to get the angry beast away from the rider while staying safe themselves.

The stadium was at capacity Saturday evening, and everyone stayed to the last event, Bull Riding.  One of the clowns said, “If you want to be a bull rider, the first thing you need to do is fill your mouth full of marbles.  Every time you ride a bull, spit out one of the marbles.  After you have lost all of your marbles, you are ready to be a bull rider.”  I think he was right, who in their right mind would want to climb on top of an angry bull and then go for a ride?

Make plans to come to the rodeo next year for the 16th Annual Kiwanis Rodeo in Blue Ridge, GA.  I suggest that you arrive early, the best parking is close to the arena.  There are shuttle buses running to take you to parking further away too.  Also, if you arrive just before 8:00, like I did, you may not find a place to sit!  I want to offer a special thank you to the Blue Ridge Kiwanis for bringing the rodeo to town.

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