What Blue Ridge Georgia Has Been Hiding From You

sunset in the blue ridge mountainsSometimes, you know before you get out of bed what kind of day it is going to be.  I knew how the day was going to turn out, every time the wind blew it woke me up all night.  Something did not feel right all week, you know when you have that gut feeling that things are not going to go your way, and it’s out of your control.All week, the locals have been talking in quiet tones saying, “It’s too soon, why is this happening?”  “What will we do?”  On Wednesday, we were talking about denial at church,  pretending things aren’t as bad as they really are in our lives.  Well, here is one big denial that is about to come to light!  By this evening, all of the weekend visitors and guests will be calling to their friends and family talking about Blue Ridge.  Our secret will be out, and the world will know.  Fall has come to Blue Ridge this year, and the leaves are dropping!

Driving out to the cabins this morning to turn them on for our arriving guests, I noticed several things I hadn’t noticed before:

  • I don’t remember seeing that creek before, that’s why this road is so curvy;
  • Where did that house come from?
  • I don’t remember seeing that ridgeline before?
  • Wow, you can see so much of the river today!

All of our foliage hides much of what there is to see here in Blue Ridge and the surrounding area.  I heard someone complain about our roads saying, “They haven’t straightened out this road since the mule first traveled it.”  Now that the leaves are dropping you now realize that the road is following a stream and it is right off the edge of the road!  At my cabin, we have a small vista of the mountains in the summer, but once the leaves drop, we have a 180 degree mountain vista, from sunrise to sunset.

So now that the leaves are dropping, what is there to do up in Blue Ridge?

  1. Views – the views were great before, but now they are more expansive and there are many more views to see.  Hiking the local trails will introduce you to breathless vistas which would be hidden from you most of the year.  Creeks, streams and rivers are much more visible and accessible.
  2. Fly Fishing- The upper Toccoa River is available for delayed harvest trout fishing.  The river is routinely stocked near the Shallowford Bridge with trout so they will have the opportunity to grow larger during the cooler months.
  3. Hiking and other strenuous activities – this time of year, you can hike all day long without dripping with sweat and dropping from heat exhaustion.
  4. Shorter lines, less waiting – the crowds are less and the roads are less dangerous.
  5. Fire – light a fire in the fireplace, light a bonfire, brew some coffee or tea, warm up some cocoa or apple cider and spend time with friends and family.
  6. Stargazing – who knew there were so many stars up there?  Once you get away from the ambient light of the city, the night sky comes alive with stars for your enjoyment and wonder.
  7. Everything else – I just looked at my Top 11 Things To Do In Blue Ridge list, and I think you can do all of these now too!  I was going to say skip the whitewater rafting but I saw cars coming into town today with kayaks tied to their roof, so I guess you can do that one too.  Let me know how it turned out for you if you do go rafting or kayaking.

I woke up this morning depressed because the leaves are dropping.  Upon further thought, I am excited because the leaves are dropping.  I must depress easily, because I remember being depressed when the leaves came out in the spring too.

mountain view in blue ridge georgia

Moountain view and fog in the valley

I am really excited that the cooler weather is arriving, and that the temperatures are dropping.  We have our fireplace burning many evenings and some mornings already, and we are already starting to venture out more and more into the mountains surrounding Blue Ridge.

Come be our guest in one of our cabin rentals in Blue Ridge, Georgia.  We have mountain views, waterfront and secluded cabins waiting for your arrival.  Who knows, we may even have some snow while you are here!  Come see why winter is my favorite season here in the Blue Ridge Mountains!

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