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Take A Zipline AdventureLast summer, I rode the ziplines at Ocoee River Basin Canopy Tours for the first time.  I am excited to say that I am going again in two weeks, taking some of my other children with me this time.  If you are coming to vacation in the north Georgia area, don’t leave until you have experienced riding a zipline and canopy tour!

riding on a ziplineThere are 9 ziplines and 3 sky bridges on the course, and the whole adventure will take you about 3 hours.  They have several recommendations: wear closed-toed shoes, longer shorts, and collared shirts also will help prevent chaffing.  Your children will need to be at least 10 years old too!

approacing a canopy towerAfter you check in at Ocoee River Basin Canopy Tours, you will be equipped for your adventure.  The staff assists you with putting on your safety harness, trolley, tether lines, hard hat and gloves.  Next you will go outside to the training areas where you learn how to do everything you need to know to have fun!

climbing canopy tour towerNow your proceed to the first tower, I think that this was the most nerve wracking for me, because up to now, I had no idea what to expect.  I volunteered to go first, not because I was the bravest, but because I wanted to get it over with.  Actually I wasn’t the first person, one of our Rangers went first so they could be at the other end of the zip line to assist with our arrival.

Ocoee River zipline adventuresOff you go on an experience like few others, flying through the trees and over the trees!  It’s not quite flying, not free-falling, more like gliding with style.  You can control your speed and turn around if you want to, though my first experience I didn’t do any more than assume the position, and maintain a tight grip on the trolley.  I hope this time to be more relaxed, try turning around backwards, look around more,  and let go of my death grip on the trolley.

Walking on sky bridgeI think that the only time I was uncomfortable with the whole experience was walking across the sky bridge.  I was completely safe, doubly tethered to the safety cables and holding onto the cables, but the bridge bounced and swayed as you walked across.


View the video of our first Zipline Experience!

Special Zipline Canopy Tour Offer For Our Guests!

enjoy canopy tour adventuresWe have made special arrangements with Wildwater, Ltd. and Ocoee River Basin Canopy Tours to offer a discount to our guests.  When you make a reservation with Sundance Cabin Rentals, we will email you the details of their generous offer.


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  1. Colin Sisco says:

    Wow! If you haven’t tried the zipline you are missing out! We got a great deal when we stayed at Sundance Cabin Rentals and the view was spectacular since it was autumn!!
    All I can say is..JUST DO IT!!!