Merchant Spotlight – CirqueFit Flying Trapeze

Blue Ridge Under The Big Top: CirqueFit Flying Trapeze!

cirq4 This month in our “Local Merchant Spotlight”, we take to the air with the greatest of ease, at the CirqueFit Flying Trapeze located right in downtown Blue Ridge.

Nestled on Ada St next to the start of the Blue Ridge Scenic Railroad, CirqueFit has been the talk of the town this summer, exciting the hearts and minds of children of all ages! We had the chance to sit down with CirqueFit co-founder Colby Balch and ask him about his life of high-flying adventure, and what guests could expect if they dared to try the flying trapeze for themselves. Continue reading

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Local Merchant Spotlight: Todd Liebross – Tank Town USA

Photo Credit: Tank Town USA

Photo Credit:

Sundance Cabin Rentals: We are pleased to continue our ‘Local Merchant Spotlight’ series this month where we’re bringing you another stellar small business and one that has really made a splash since opening and that is Tank Town USA located just outside Blue Ridge on Hwy. 76 in Morganton. For those that don’t know you, would you introduce yourself and give us some brief background on what you were doing and where you were living pre-Tank Town? Continue reading

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Michael and Cindy’s First Visit to Blue Ridge, July 2014

jackbears07Day 1,  Jack Bear’s Cabin in the Woods

Arrived at Jack Bear Cabin in Blue Ridge, Georgia and was very impressed with the accommodations! This cabin has plenty of space inside & out – love the decks with grill, hot tub, fireplace and hammock. The furniture inside & out is very charming and nature themed. Very quiet place except for the occasional baying hound. We provisioned at the Food Lion in Blue Ridge & Cindy made us bacon/egg sandwiches for dinner. Went to bed at a reasonable time cause of the SUP plans & not really knowing how exhausted we will be afterwards.    *SUP, stand up paddleboarding. Continue reading

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Late Summer and Fall in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North GA

Now that it is August, summer is starting to wind down here in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Summer is a great time for outdoor adventure, especially anything to do with the water.  Tubing, swimming, whitewater rafting, canoeing and kayaking, fishing.

It is also time to look forward to the glorious colors coming our way in the fall.  Ben Boykin, with Emergent Interactive, Interviewed me at Meeks Park in Blairsville, GA for this video.

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Local Merchant Spotlight: Andrea Boykin – Unique Events

Disclaimer: Audio difficulties derailed our attempts to publish another podcast. In lieu of that we’ve provided the transcript below of our interview. We are pleased to present to you another installment in our Local Merchant Spotlight series where we are showcasing business leaders in and around the Blue Ridge/Fannin County, Georgia area.

This week we present to you our interview with Andrea Boykin of Unique Events.

We hope you enjoy! Continue reading

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Contest! Listen to Win! [Podcast] Local Merchant Spotlight: Todd Fox – Blue Ridge Canopy Adventure

The Blue Ridge Canopy Adventure CompanyListen and Win! Enter Our Contest at the End of This Post

In conjunction with Todd Fox and The Blue Ridge Canopy Adventure Company we’re going to run a little contest here and we think you’ll like it.

Because Todd and his business are all about bringing smiles to people’s faces we thought we’d try and bring a smile to one individual’s face with a complimentary canopy tour for 2 for the winner as the prize for the winner of our contest. Continue reading

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How I Wreaked Havoc On The Grand Canyon Ecosystem

nkt2When we hiked in the Grand Canyon a few weeks ago, I practiced “Leave No Trace” to the best of my ability.  Even so, I may have permanently disrupted the ecosystem in the canyon.

Things That I Know That I Did: Continue reading

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[Podcast] Local Merchant Spotlight: Gina Golden – Toccoa Valley Campground

Go tubing with Toccoa Valley Camgpround

Go tubing with Toccoa Valley Camgpround

Recently we were afforded the privilege of sitting down and chatting for a bit with Gina Golden, owner of Toccoa Valley Campground in Blue Ridge, Georgia. In this interview you will have an opportunity to get to know one of the more popular small businesses/attractions that Blue Ridge/Fannin County, Georgia has to offer. Continue reading

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Our Grand Canyon Hike

south kaibab trail

click to enlarge

Just a walk in the park,”  was the reply we got when we asked a runner how he was doing on his run from the South Rim to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  We instantly adopted this as our theme for our 4-day hike in the Grand Canyon National Park.  Our goal was to hike to the North Rim and back over 4 days. Continue reading

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Hiking Alone In The Blue Ridge Mountains

Should I be out here by myself?

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

I was hiking with an acquaintance this winter on one of the many hiking trails near Blue Ridge, GA and they asked me, “Should I hike alone up here?  Is it safe?”  I couldn’t answer the question for them right away, but I did come up with an answer later that day.  I came up with 3 Laws that you must obey if you want to hike alone in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Continue reading

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