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Types of accommodation you will find in your travels

It is possible that when you leave on a trip you will encounter definitions of accommodation and lodging that you have never heard before.

The etiquette in these places tends to be different: both what is expected of the guest and what is expected of the establishment. In this article at Cabin By Sundance, you will learn 8 of the most popular accommodation definitions.


If you’ve travelled as a backpacker then you know him well enough. The Hostel is a youth hostel that includes activities, shared spaces (rooms, games, parties) and encourages cultural exchange between people from various countries. It is perhaps the most used means by backpackers.

As a rule it offers shared rooms, that is to say a room where you will sleep with other people in separate beds and with lockers to keep your luggage. Bathrooms are also shared. Some hostels have private rooms.

One day you may be touched by roommates who snore and smell like paws while at another time it may be your turn to live with great friends of life who are on the same path as you… or even the love of your life. A matter of luck. The truth is that all hostels allow you to save money and come with new experiences for your trip.

Other benefits are that they have free internet access and a kitchen to prepare your food, thus avoiding spending in restaurants.

Bead & Breakfast

Just like a hostel is a place to spend the night with the difference that includes breakfast. It does not offer as many facilities as a hostel (shared spaces, kitchens, games, internet) and basically is sleep and breakfast.

The limits and differences with a hostel are not quite great sometimes using the name more as a marketing differentiation.

Guest House

It is a type of economic accommodation similar to hostels or bed & breakfast. They are usually houses that have been converted into guest accommodation, so it does not have many rooms. It is also usual for the owner to live in a separate part of the house.

It is common for you to have more contact and closeness with the owners. Being a home, and a place with less visitor traffic may be safer and quieter, but it’s not a rule. It’s practically like visiting someone’s house and using a room.

If you touch a loving landlady you may feel like your mother’s son again, but watch out for the rules of the house that are also there, right to sleep and no late coming home.


Not to be confused with the “activity” of camping which is something you can do anywhere. Established campgrounds offering basic outdoor services such as grills, restrooms and parking lots are also often called campgrounds.

Some campsites even offer a bed or two inside a nearby cabin and others even rent tents. There is also a specialized version in caravans and motorhomes, for travelers on wheels.

There are campsites so basic that they practically just consist of the permission to sleep on a piece of land. There are campsites so good that they are in paradisiacal places with drinking water, showers, toilets, grills and space for those who arrive in caravans of cars. There are nudist campsites.

Despite the differences, what they have in common is that they offer open spaces so that you can extend your sleeping tent and spend the night under the stars.


Although in several countries the meaning varies it is usually a kind of small hotel, which does not meet the requirements to become a hotel by the number of rooms or certain type of services offered.

They are also usually the meeting point for lovers; sometimes travellers passing through, or sometimes both. This, of course, will depend on how touristy the area is. For example, cities such as Lima are full of hostels at all prices that do not need to be booked.

In Buenos Aires the term “temporary hostel” is used to refer to hostels that are rented by the hour to lovers (In other countries there are hostels that do that) and have themed rooms.

There are hostels that offer services superior to those of certain hotels, and they are more familiar. These include swimming pools, farms, restaurants and others. They are also known as “inn” As you can see the universe of hostels is quite large.


It is said of that place malandro of the highways that appears in the movies where the bad things happen and you meet narcos, Freddy Krueggers, chupacabras, ovnis and others.

Actually the word Motel is the contraction of Motorist Hostel, and they are places thought for people who travel long distances in cars; generally motorists, truck drivers, families in vans, travelers on wheels or practically anyone who needs to rest in the middle of the road.


Initially it was not intended to put this as an option for backpackers, however recently the temporary rental of independent apartments has had a big explosion becoming in some cases the cheapest option depending on the number of people who share it and the days.

If you travel in a group or couple to a place for several days sometimes it can be the best decision. If you do the numbers right you might get lucky.


The hotel industry offers a wide universe of services and environments that includes resorts, spas, themed design venues, convention centers and many others.

Regardless of what differentiates them, they are buildings that offer private rooms and are located within a standardized scale (more or less) according to the degree of comfort and services. You arrive, check in, stay in a private room with bathroom and enjoy all its varied facilities.